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A racist like Lulzim Basha

7 Prill 2021, 18:04, English CNA
A racist like Lulzim Basha

In recent days, the public has been involved in a heated debate, after a thesis thrown by Prime Minister Edi Rama in a meeting with a businessman, where the latter stressed that workers from Bangladesh could also come to Albania, as labor force is lacking, and he has problems with people seeking higher wages or other working conditions.

Many investors or builders admit that it is very difficult and almost impossible to find workers in the construction sector. But even in many other areas it is really hard to find cheap labor, and the thesis of Bangladeshi immigrants is being discussed so much, being called as something negative.

Didn?t the workers from Turkey come to build the Fier hospital within 3 months? Are there turkish and other foreign workers that are working in Albania? CNA.al has made a simple observation, and it turns out that there are currently several hundred or thousands of foreign workers in the country, mainly Turks or from Arab and Asian countries, who currently work in the capital in some various construction companies.

And this didn?t start today, nor yesterday with the coming to power of Edi Rama, but it happened many years ago. Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, Lulzim Basha, instead of giving arguments for and against the arrival of workers from abroad, has shown signs of his racism.

He said he didn?t want workers from Bangladesh to come, but he would bring them from Germany. But what is this racism of Lulzim Basha? Why shouldn?t workers come from Bangladesh, Greece, Turkey, Italy, or Indonesia, from any country where there is a workforce that can come and work in our country at a lower cost.

In the end, this only guarantees the development of the economy, thus increasing the local business. Unemployed Albanians are not numerous, but Lulzim Basha cannot deny their laziness. This was also stated by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, when he was in office.

Those who want to leave for better wages can go to work in the European market. But who will work in Albania? Albania cannot stay without work, it cannot stay without construction, without development. Under these conditions, temporary employees will be hired from abroad, and this happens in every country in Europe.

It happens in Germany that it hires workers from Greece, Poland, Albania, Turkey, or from Asian countries. Occurs in France and Italy. The companies recruit manual workers, construction workers and diverse needs in many countries, in the countries of origin, but also beyond in Asia.

What Lulzim Basha said yesterday is simply a racist attitude, a choice he will make among the people. He loves the Germans, but he doesn?t want them from Bangladesh, he loves the English, but he doesn?t like those from Africa. But can Albanians show racist attitude, where half of the people have emigrated around the world?

There are Albanians working in Africa. There are branches of Albanian businesses in Asia, in China. And these businesses should be closed because Lulzim Basha doesn?t accept foreigners to come to work in Albania?

In fact, very soon in Albania there will be large investments, from foreign companies which are expected and have shown interest or have submitted projects to the government. And it doesn?t matter who will be in power, Edi Rama or Lulzim Basha. They will bring their people to work, and will subcontract Albanian companies.

But does Albania have the manpower to afford the giant project in Durrës? Will employees come from Arabia? Will the company itself bring employees from Bangladesh? Or should they hire German workers, because this is how he likes Lulzim Basha, who is a racist Dutchman, and cannot accept workers from other countries to build certain facilities?

Beyond any conspiracy theory or political accusation, there is only one fact: when there is no labor forces in the country or higher costs are required which the business cannot afford, this labor will be forced to find somewhere abroad.

As Albanians were used in the 1990s in Greece, Italy and everywhere in Europe. It would be good for Basha not to show this racist attitude as he is a candidate for Prime Minister, and on the other hand he would have to consult once again with his brother-in-law, Erion Isufi.

So with what countries is working with his projects, with the millions of euros he has added and the assets invested during the rule of Edi Rama. Would Luli Bashas accept that his brother-in-law hire employees from Africa and cooperate with them? Or not because they don?t have the same skin color as our ?Dutchman?, Lulzim Basha. Therefore, the latter also reacts shamefully in the media, as a candidate for Prime Minister, displaying his racism in the most disgusting way./CNA.al

Një racist si Lulzim Basha

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