Top Channel “disappears” the judge scandal/ Shadow of suspicion for bargaining with Erarbër Madhi

19 Mars 2021, 19:12, English CNA

The market for the sale and purchase of judges has been severely damaged by the Vetting process, but hasn?t been completely eliminated. It is suspected that the judge of the Administrative Court of Tirana, Erarbër Madhi, is involved in bargaining with Top Channel and its executives.

Top Channel, referring to concrete cases, is suspected of exercising public blackmail and pressure on any judge who makes decisions against the interests of Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi. Now the battle is going on to the fathers-in-law or grooms, and the rosy stories that want favorable court decisions.

We recall here the case of judges Shkëlzen Selimi and Artan Zeneli, who were attacked by Top Channel, not because this television is indeed concerned about justice reform, but because there have been cases in the hands of these judges.

While with Judge Erarbër Madhi, it is suspected that was used another method. At first, they denounced him, and then they removed the denunciation from the Top Channel website, together with the video of the show ?Fiks Fare?, where was made the denunciation.

From the scandal that was denounced by ?Fiks Fare?, today there is no trace left. But what has escaped the executives of Top Channel, Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi without ?disappearing? about this scandal, is the material published in the newspaper ?Shqip?.

We recall that on February 16, 2017, in the show ?Fiks Fare? on Top Channel, was broadcast a denunciation, where the protagonist was Judge Erarbër Madhi.

According to the denunciation, a ?dead? had managed to open a trial in the Court of Vlora.

The scandal was confirmed by the chancellor of the Court of Vlora, who after verifying the register, where the claims are filed, stated that ?the plaintiff in this case is Vasil Stramarko, who passed away in December 2007, and the case was numbered 3812?.

The Chancellor indicated the claim-lawsuit, dated December 7, 2009. In this claim-lawsuit was also the name of Judge Erarbër Madhi, who received the claim on December 8, 2009. And with this lawsuit was opened the civil process for the property in Dhërmi, while Judge Erarbër Madhi has made a final decision.

In the final court decision, the plaintiff has changed, and he is Jorgo Stramarko, Vasili?s son. But so far judge Erarbër Madhi doesn?t appear to have accounted for this violation. Moreover, those who appeared in the media as a denunciation, have disappeared from their websites./ CNA.al

Top Channel ?zhduk? skandalin e gjyqtarit/ Hije dyshimi për pazare me Erarbër Madhin


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