Revealed the names/ Who are the SMI candidates with criminal records

17 Mars 2021, 14:03, English CNA
Revealed the names/ Who are the SMI candidates with criminal records

It seems that Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi have decided to openly challenge the United States of America and the European Union in the parliamentary elections of April 25. For several months, the US-EU has been urging political parties to remove from the list of candidates for MPs persons affected by the decriminalization law.

After the re-submission of the lists, the CEC stated that DP and SP met the legal criteria, while as for the SMI said that there are some incriminated candidates. CNA.al is revealing the names of SMI candidates who are affected by decriminalization, although some of them are at the top of the list and intend to be part of the next parliament.

Vojo Bregu- In the list of Tirana, although far from the winning line, Meta and Kryemadhi have included Vojo Bregu, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture at the time headed by Edmond Panariti. SPAK today has in its hands a file of 500 pages for Vojo Bregu, reported for corrupt affairs in the Ministry of Agriculture, especially with tenders given to his friends.

Miranda Rira- The former mayor of Përrenjas, Miranda Rira, for whom a file for abuse of office has been filed for the SPAK, has been placed by Monika Kryemadhi sixth in the list of the district of Elbasan. Rira will be long remembered for the ?occupation? of the Municipality of Përrenjas with its people, a mentality typical of the SMI.

Ermir Gjinishi- Monika Kryemadhi has ranked third in the list of Elbasan the theologian Ermir Gjinishi, former vice president of the Albanian Muslim Community, previously arrested as a suspect in the murder of Sali Tivari in 2002, a senior AMC official.
Gjinish was ousted from the AMC under unclear circumstances, and he has often made serious allegations against the AMC and its leaders.
In a 2004 document, the US State Department states that for the murder of Sali Tivari, the authorities arrested Ermir Gjinishi, who was later released. According to the document, Gjinishi was supported by the Al-Haramain Foundation, with strong ties to extremist groups.

Sokol Skura – SMI chairwomen Monika Kryemadhi has placed Sokol Skura fifth in the list of Elbasan. Skura is expected to appear in court tomorrow for the criminal offense of ?driving while intoxicated?. Skura was arrested in 2015 for the fatal collision of a passer-by in a drunken state in the village of Mengël in Elbasan, but was not convicted by the court.
Skura has been deputy director of the Health Insurance Fund. The Socialist Party fired him in 2015, after he was accused of corruption in the scandal of robbing about 500 million Lek from the Drug Reimbursement Fund.

Edmond Ndou – Monika Kryemadhi has placed Edmond Ndoun second in the list of Shkodra. In recent days Ndou has launched a marketing campaign to highlight his ?values?. The Ministry of Justice announced in 2017 the dismissal of Ndout from the duty of Shkodra Real Estate Registration Office registrar, and his report for the criminal offense of involvement in violation of the law in the election campaign. At that time the Minister of Justice was Gazmend Bardhi. It is not known what was done with this report, but today Bardhi and Ndou are on the same front.

Erald Alika – Erald Alika is part of the candidates for SMI deputies in Gjirokastra. He was arrested years ago by the police, after a Kalashnikov firearm was found in his car, which later turned out to belong to his friend Olti Zekaj. The two young men got involved in a conflict for weak motives./ CNA.al

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