Ilir Meta, a “crazy” president who wants bloodshed for elections

15 Mars 2021, 18:22, English CNA
Ilir Meta, a “crazy” president who wants bloodshed for elections

Ilir Meta, the president who is no longer president, is going crazy more and more day by day. In a communication he had today with journalists, Meta tried to justify his unconstitutional and abnormal actions for a public man.

Meta said that in the offices of the New Democratic Spirit, was filed a request without a signature and without a stamp, and he as the head of state had to react to defend the Constitution. But how can the Constitution be protected by violating it?

In a normal democratic state, the function of a president is to stand above the parties, and to mediate on the conflicts that they may have. The Constitution cannot be defended by force, and theoretically Ilir Meta knows this.

But he wouldn?t accept it, as Meta, as chairman of the SMI and de facto of the opposition, is starting his preparations to not recognize the elections in case his party loses and doesn?t come to power. But the mental degradation of Ilir Meta is becoming even greater and more visible.

Following the call to cut off the hands of those who touch the ballot boxes, today he issued another call for blood on April 25. Meta has the revolt and the murder of people as a clear and non-negotiable plan. The April 25 race will be incredibly strong, even depending on the polls.

The majority and the opposition will not have any big difference in votes, and this makes the situation somewhat tense. President Meta showed that he is afraid of a co-government between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party.

But Albanians don?t deserve Meta either as president, or as party chairman, or in a public office. For 30 years he has held the highest positions, from Prime Minister, Speaker of the Assembly and most recently elected President of the Republic.

What is Meta still asking from the Albanians, whom he is trying to kill? Hasn?t he yet been fed up with power, money and gold, which he has been accused of stealing from the State Treasury for years?

One of the reasons that has mentally destabilized the president is justice reform. Meta is the first subject of investigation by SPAK and the National Bureau of Investigation, and to avoid this, he is doing everything to take the reins of power, in order to not allow the seizure of his property and the end up in prison./CNA.al

Meta, një President “i çmendur” që kërkon gjak për zgjedhje

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