The degradation of the president/ Revealed the reason why Ilir Meta went to the defense of Sali Shehu

14 Mars 2021, 19:23, English CNA
The degradation of the president/ Revealed the reason why Ilir Meta went to the

A president, that is not acting as such, apart from any ethical norms, went Friday to protect the offices of the New Democratic Spirit (NDS) party from the Municipality of Tirana. With a harsh, vulgar and not at all ethical language, Meta started to do what he knows well, threading the others when he is in danger.

He threatened the municipal police officers with imprisonment, if they don?t leave from the headquarters. But why did Meta go with such speed of Sali Shehu?s NDS defense? Meta?s visit there is not accidental, as it was the president who guaranteed the coalition with Sali Shehu.

Ilir Meta cannot leave his former advisor without an office. No one should think that the president has gone there to save the offices of a political party. He went there to conflict like that has done the last two years, only to clash, and gives his former advisor Sali Shehu at the time when he was Speaker of Parliament, the guarantee for the pact that offered Lulzim Basha at the table.

After leaving the competencies defined by the Constitution, Meta has started electoral campaigns, and is doing everything to save the SMI from collapse. Meta must cling to power at all costs and have dominance over everything, because he fears justice reform.

In every appearance in the media, Meta said that he is in defense of the Constitution, but he forgets that he himself has violated more it than anyone else, and for this he must answer before the appropriate bodies, since has removed the president?s suit and taken the reins of the SMI.

The president is using the Republican Guard for his own interest, as he seeks to ascend to power at all costs. Because he knows he will lose the April 25 election, and is therefore seeking conflict at all costs.

But someone must remind our president that the time when power was taken by force is gone. Meta, known for his scandals, the black bloc and many other corrupt affairs, wants to keep still the country under his control, to be untouchable by SPAK or NBI./ CNA.al

Degradon presidenti/ Zbardhet arsyeja, ja pse Meta shkoi në mbrojtje të Sali Shehut

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