Albania Wins or Albania Massacres / The DP-SMI coalition “bites” the citizens

3 Mars 2021, 14:45, English CNA
Albania Wins or Albania Massacres / The DP-SMI coalition “bites” the

The Alliance for Change has announced the programs and is talking about it, while the politician Lulzim Basha tries to behave like a Western leader, claiming that the Democratic Party is different, that there is no violence, no arrogance, no corruption and no crime.

Meanwhile, the two main opposition figures talk about cutting off hands, fingers and heads, becoming like the Bokoharam coalition in Africa.

In a TV appearance on the show ?Frontline?, Ilir Meta said 2 days ago that he would cut off the hands of all those who will touch the ballot boxes. ?Every citizen who sells his vote, has no right to demand accountability. A citizen who doesn?t vote, has no right to complain about misgovernance. If even one vote is touched, a hand will be cut. This is clear and everyone should know?- said Meta two days ago.

These are the statements he made in 2001, when he was Prime Minister, where he shouted during the election campaign that he would cut off the hands of those who touch the votes. Although he was the Prime Minister himself, and had stolen votes with sacks, and was the main person responsible for the electoral massacre of that year.

On the other hand, the democrat Flamur Noka has started speaking this language. Apparently Noka doesn?t know what to do next, and has gone from cutting hands to cutting the fingers. ?Prison and only prison for all those who abuse and try to trample on you. I know by name and surname who is trying to steal the votes, I also know the officials where they put their hands. But we will cut off the fingers of those who put their fingers in your pockets?- says Noka.

Now these are either politicians or butchers, who want to cut off their hands and fingers, or they have big problem and need to be taken to a psychologist or sociologist for treatment.

In the same line is Monika Kryemadhi, which during the time the National Theater collapsed, though it betrayed that cause, said he would eat Edi Rama?s ear.

?I will violate the law of Edi Rama. I don?t recognize the laws of Edi Rama. I don?t recognize either Edi Rama, or who is with him. It is the territory of Albania and not of Serbia. Only a serb can demolish the National Theater. I will eat Edi Rama?s ear. That?s what I?m telling you!? – declared Kryemadhi at that time.

So with hand and finger cuts, they all became like a coalition of cannibals. Instead of sending a political message to draw citizens to the polls to vote, they start threatening. One eats the ears, another cuts the hands, the other cuts the fingers, now we are waiting for someone to come out and say:I will cut off his head./CNA.al

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