Ilir Meta’s game for SMI survival

17 Shkurt 2021, 12:56, English CNA

The Socialist Movement for Integration, the party that Ilir Meta founded with many intellectual figures, is heading towards the abyss, since his wife, Monika Kryemadhi, took over the leadership of this party.

With his recent actions, Ilir Meta is showing every day that he is stripped of his presidential suit and involved in the electoral battle, where he is campaigning for his party, doing everything in his power and for save SMI from bankruptcy.

In addition to attacking and accusing the government and Prime Minister Edi Rama, Meta has passed on another level:He is now nominating his councilors as candidates for MPs of the SMI. Outs of well-known and influential names like Lefter Koka in Durrës, or Nasip Naço and Gledion Rahovica in Berat, who joined the Socialist Party, were a big blow for Meta and Monika?s party.

The SP?s goal is to get a third term, and to run alone in the April 25 elections, without any party in the coalition. Also, the current majority is trying to maximize the vote by taking the SMI key names, so in response Meta has put his advisers in the game.

In November of last year, caused a stir the news of Bahri Shaqiri?s resignation from the post of presidential adviser for national security. He was catapulted as the SMI candidate in the town of Shijak, and Edmond Panariti was appointed in his place.

But he will not be the only one, as Meta has followed the same scheme with Shemsi Prençi,

who was his Civil Emergency adviser. The latter was once part of the socialist administration, but after being fired from the post of head of Civil Emergencies, Meta took him as an adviser.

But it seems that he has followed in the footsteps of Shaqiri, as he will be on the SMI lists in the city of Durrës. Meta wants to compensate the votes he is expected to lose with the departure of Lefter Koka and Nasip Naço, and through this dirty game he is trying to maintain the level of electoral support for the SMI./CNA.al

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