Why shouldn’t be trusted Luli Basha?

16 Shkurt 2021, 20:00, English CNA

The chairman of the New Republic, Lulzim Basha, wants after 8 years of failings in the opposition to came in power with any cost. In fact, even during these 8 years Luli Basha has been the only one who has not felt the opposition, as he hasn?t lost anything. Rather, he has added his villas and wealth for himself and his family.

Today Basha appeared before the Albanians with a video message, where he said that the time has come for Edi Rama to leave power, promising that he will fulfill all his commitments, and emphasizing that if such a thing doesn?t happen, he will not require a second term.

But how reliable is Basha? Almost 2 years ago, he burned the parliamentary mandates, together with other deputies of DP and SMI, and for months called for protests, where he gathered hundreds of citizens disappointed by this government for the overthrow of Edi Rama.

Luli Basha thought that the government would have fallen, after only one march around the Prime Minister?s building, and with a speech he gave in front of the DP headquarters, where after every protest he claimed that the government fell.

Basha dreamed that Rama wouldn?t fall through the revolution, but by his singing of the anthem of the flag. He also assured the Democrats, that with the overthrow of the Rama government, the country would go to early elections, but that was only in his dreams.

Luli Basha abandoned the citizens and the democrats, as he hasn?t been able to bring the DP to power for 8 years.

But after that ?imaginary victory?, Basha confidently told the Democrats that the local elections of June 30, 2019, would not take place, as he himself and his ?army? would not allow them. And what happened after June 30th? Local elections were not only held, but none from those to the DP didn?t make any attempt to stop them, thus handing over to Rama and Resenaince all the municipalities of the country.

After all these failures and deceptions, is there anyone left who trusts Luli Basha and his ?army?? Basha says that if he doesn?t keep his promises, he will not ask for a second term. But when he has not fulfilled any commitment that an opposition party has, then why does he remain at the helm of the DP?

Is this another hoax, or a sentence enough to manipulate Democrats? That Luli Basha is Edi Rama?s crutch is out of the question. Because if he weren?t the chairman of the Democratic Party, Resenaince would have had its days numbered. Luli Basha?s attempts and PR coming out of from his propaganda offices, have no effect anymore.

Even this last move, where he comes out in a video from his office, and where in the background there is a shelf full of books, to show how smart and prepared he is, is simply and just another failure. These are just some facts that point to Basha?s failure and deception./CNA.al

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