The scary women of Tirana/Hot nights with young boys, that led them to crime

9 Shkurt 2021, 16:22, English CNA
The scary women of Tirana/Hot nights with young boys, that led them to crime

A serious, almost criminal event took place some time ago in the area of the former Bloc in Tirana. A business, a boutique was burned down after it was set on fire. There were many suspicions, the police prepared a file.

But the truth passed in silence, even though all the roads led to the 2 famous ladies of Tirana, who had previously appeared to the police with the image of finers. With images of drug-drinking environments, luxurious and unrestrained life, but this time with another criminal act, the burning of a business.

The police of the capital have investigated a lot on the event in question, and of which its leaders are aware, but no one has completed the investigation of an event that is both banal and criminal. Police are aware that the burnt boutique belonged to some girls, who had inadvertently entered the circle of some boys, who often accompanied the famous ladies on hot nights and wildlife of the capital.

Under the tables full of white ?flour?, so where was drunk cocaine and young boys were enjoying, one of the famous ladies of Tirana had feelings and passion. Her companion began to join her too, with old and new stories.

They both start living together many evenings, the first with an old story, the second with a new story. The two young who used them for money, wanted to live with young girls as well, as the old age of the ?wild women? didn?t give them the necessary pleasure.

Therefore, they engaged in adventures with other girls. They were exactly the girls of

the Bloc. And what happened? One of the ladies realized the betrayal, learned about the relationship of the boy with whom she spent hot nights, and that reminded her of her youth.

After drinking drug together, she and her friend seek revenge, with the help of a criminal group. Then burn a business for jealousy, for the ?love” of one of the ladies who felt betrayed by the boy, who according to her could not go with young girls but belong to her.

She was ready to do anything for him, and he needed to understand that. So it happened, one

business burned down! The police realized that after the frequent information they had about public figures, and their connection with the criminal world, after the information of cocaine consumption, after various information that millions were spent, provided not only by business but also by fining activities, so after various complaints, it was already a criminal fact.

A business was burned! The ?scary? ladies, who had become a problem for the police, were now turning into nightmares as they took a step towards the underworld. The police haven?t yet uncovered the event, but privately everyone says and knows who are the two famous ladies, who are related to suspicious business partnerships coming from abroad to Albania, and which for the sake of ?love? are ready to sacrifice everything, even human lives.

They would later prove this to the police, but they would not do it for their wounded heart, but for dubious properties and assets, secured for years. The police give even their identities for investigation, often with the initials V.E. which say nothing in fact.

These look like thriller stories heard in the police corridors, but they are familiar to the business world. The police know them, and also the politics. And they are protected by the state and the government, but also by the power they have created by being part of the high ranks, including the media./CNA.al

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