What Lulzim Basha’s analysts don’t want to understand

28 Janar 2021, 18:23, English CNA
What Lulzim Basha’s analysts don’t want to understand

Analysts of Lulzim Basha, ie not of the opposition, tried yesterday in Blendi Fevziu?s show ?Opinion? to convince the public that the polls were all wrong. So for them, are credible only the polls that show Luli Basha as the winner.

In fact, they tried to bring arguments, figures or facts regarding the coming to power of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, his moderation etc. But they basically pretended not to understand what are the real problems today for Democratic Party.

First, they relate to figures, which they don?t accept. In fact, the figures tell the truth. But for example the analyst Artan Hoxha, cannot accept that even though most Albanians are against the government or dissatisfied with it economically, or on the situation that the country is going through after the earthquake, during the pandemic, etc., along with numerous scandals, this doesn?t have returned to the vote for the Democratic Party or for Lulzim Basha.

But this is the truth, and it cannot be reversed. On the other hand, Preç Zogaj said that Berisha moderated his attitude, and this brought him advantages. But this also has another approach, as Lulzim Basha is not a moderate, and apparently this will not give him the victory on April 25.

Let us bring below a brief analysis, of what Lulzim Basha?s analysts know, but don?t tell. First the figures, speak against the government, that is true. But again they rank Edi Rama over Lulzim Basha, because compared to 2005 the situation today is very different.

In 2005, Sali Berisha was not accused of villas because he didn’t have them, nor of the corrupt affairs of his brother-in-law, as Lulzim Basha is accused today. Nobody could call Berisha ?sleepy?, as he was a political ?bast?. Nobody could tell him that he was politically incompetent, nor that he was a man who didn?t understand politics.

And today, almost 3 months before the elections, Lulzim Basha is being told that everything, sleepy, incompetent, corrupt, adds villas, etc. And they say these things even within the DP, while with Berisha these things didn?t happen.

On the other hand, no one made Sali Berisha a partner with Fatos Nano. While Lulzim Basha is widely seen today as a partner of Edi Rama, and between the two solutions people keep those who is currently in power. Regarding the moderation claimed by Preç Zogaj, there is a big difference.

Sali Berisha united all parties and moderated in a brilliant way. Lulzim Basha not only is not a moderate politician, but often comes out of himself and shows that he is a mentally unstable, with anxieties, and that can not carry loads.

We recall here his nervousness when someone mentions arguments or facts that he doesn?t like, not to mention the scandalous moderation with the media. He enters and bargains with agreements, which Berisha has never done.

So to win the election and reverse the poll figures, you have to create spirit, which Lulzim Basha doesn?t have. And he is primarily responsible for this, as spirit is created by uniting around a clear axis on the right, introducing your political ideology and attitude, and then making the right alliances for the future in government, not dividing the party, its key factors, and its senators.

And in the end he has no choice but to act as an ally to the remnants of the left, or consumed characters and disgusting allies in public opinion. Lulzim Basha analysts should also understand that Sali Berisha had another authority in 2005. He formed an alliance, nominated candidates, had a spectacular list of deputies, defeated Fatos Nano?s ministers in certain constituencies, and even the most important ones.

Whereas Lulzim Basha comes after 8 years in opposition, with a bunch of recycled names and from those who were the most incompetent. So with characters of the second or third level, to whom Berisha had no confidence. Exactly those are the names that Basha has raised today in the PD elite, has appointed them as district leaders, party vice presidents and so on. So to win you have to unite the team, the leader has to create the spirit.

Beyond strategies and propaganda, he must inspire confidence and be the one who pulls the caravan towards victory. But this can only be done by someone who is incredible, comparable to the incumbent Prime Minister. For the right to come to power, it must cause a great electoral shock to the left, and grow on its own.

These are the electoral facts, this is what happened in 2005, when the DP won after the split of the left, and also in 2009. Therefore, even today, to overthrow Rama, it?s not enough the arguments of Kryemadhi and SMI, and even the facts that says Luli Basha.

But it needs a union of the right, the Democratic Party, its factors, and above all a spirit.

The leader who leads the team and the maximization of the votes of the right, would then bring an alliance, maybe even tomorrow?s government with the coalitions needed to overthrow Edi Rama. But today, with Luli Basha and the accusations against him, with his scandals, victory hardly comes. The latter needs votes and not the words of analysts./ CNA.al

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