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PJIU towards a separate coalition/ Basha-Idrizi negotiation are very difficult

3 Shkurt 2021, 18:49, English CNA
PJIU towards a separate coalition/ Basha-Idrizi negotiation are very difficult

Lulzim Basha?s negotiations with the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity of Shpetim Idrizi seem to be quite problematic, while other allies have already closed the cooperation agreement.

One of the main factors in these elections is the PJIU of Shpetim Idrizi, a party with a

strong electoral trend, as in the last elections it was able to get up to 17.000 votes. But these votes PJIU has distributed in several regions, which are also called its strongholds such as Fieri, Vlora, Elbasan or Tirana, not to mention Dibra, where it could secure a mandate. Official sources from the DP headquarters told CNA.al that negotiations with PJIU are difficult due to the fact that this party no longer seeks mandates in safe places, where it has its mandates.

So PJIU has about 12.200 votes in Tirana, about 7.000 votes in Fier or even about 30.000 votes in Elbasan and so on. In fact, they are not hypothetical votes, but systematically taken by this party, which indicates a clear electoral basis.

PJIU claims that it will not be in safe places, but on the border of the mandates that has received DP. So its candidates will be at 11th or 12th in Tirana. Also, PJIU is looking for

the fourth or fifth place in the DP list in the districts of Fier and Elbasan and so on.

So Idrizi doesn?t accept to be in the DP lists, where PJIU wins the mandates itself, and the DP doesn?t forgive him. Negotiations have continued intensively. Apparently the deadline is the end of this week or the beginning of next week, which will clarify what will be the stance.

So whether the DP will give the PJIU what it wants, or there will be a division of them. As it is clear that Shpëtim Idrizi and PJIU don?t enter the game without 2 or 3 mandates, which they win themselves, without being donated by DP.

An official source from PJIU told CNA.al that the negotiations continue, and have not been closed yet. But it seems that the talks with Lulzim Basha will be quite difficult. If there is no consensus, PJIU can run in the elections in a separate coalition, and a possible alternative is to join Vetëvendosje movement, which seems to be completely natural cooperation, as PJIU that has a nationalist spirit.

But at the moment there are still negotiations and it will be next week, which will finally decide whether PJIU will be in coalition with DP, or will move towards a coalition with Vetëvendosje, which would further increase the problems for the opposition, because they would have another very strong opposition force with a nationalist spirit./ CNA.al

PDIU drejt një koalicioni më vete/ Negociatat Basha-Idrizi, të vështira

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