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Basha mocks the citizens about taxes

29 Janar 2021, 15:56, English CNA
Basha mocks the citizens about taxes

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, presented yesterday the economic program of the DP. Of the many things that can be said about him, there is one where it seems that Basha openly lies to Albanians about the issue of taxes, as he promises to tax the minimum wage.

Lulzim Basha said that there will be a tax of 9 per cent for all income, and for any kind of salary, while those who receive as a salary only 300 thousand Lek (300 dollars) will not be taxed at 9 percent. Meanwhile, anyone who is paid above this salary will be taxed.

Also in his program, Basha said that the minimum wage will go to 360 thousand Lek (360 dollars), while the tax will be 9 per cent for any salary over 300 thousand Lek. Then who is exempting Lulzim Basha from taxes? This turns out to be a pure lie, because the minimum wage will be 360 thousand Lek, and there will be no one with a salary of 300 thousand Lek.

While the increase of the minimum wage can be done in two phases, ie from 300 to 330 thousand Lek, which would automatically will be taxed with 9 percent, and with the increase of the minimum wage, they would be collected by the state. According to Basha, the minimum wage will increase by 10 percent, and the government will receive 9 percent.

Or the minimum wage can later go to 360 thousand Lek and again 9 percent is taken by the government. So, what Basha says that until the salary of 300 thousand Lek there will be no tax, will not exist because there will no longer be a salary of 300 thousand Lek.

So we ask:Who is exempting Lulzim Basha from taxes? Now this is either a lapsus, or a lie as strategy. In case it is a lapsus, those who made the program must correct it. But in case it is a lie, we expect to see it, because it cannot happen that you erase the taxes, and make the state to function without collecting revenues.

Where will he find the money? Luli Basha says that he will remove the tax for salaries up to 300 thousand Lek, but he will no longer have a salary of 300 thousand Lek, and will increase the minimum wage to take the tax of 9 percent.

So from a program that would save the minimum wage strata to create the middle class, it looks like there will be an increase in the minimum wage for the state to collect revenue. So he will take them out of one pocket to put them in the other pocket, and citizens will again receive the same amount of money they received before./CNA.al


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