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Basha towards the complete compilation of the list of candidates/ Most of the names of 2017 are running again, here are the 45 winners in the regions

1 Shkurt 2021, 15:27, English CNA
Basha towards the complete compilation of the list of candidates/ Most of the

Day after day, Lulzim Basha is making the last interventions in the winning list of the Democratic Party in the regions. Without much noise, the leading and the sure winning names, have already been announced almost all of them.

Below we are presenting a calculation and ranking of names, according to official sources that CNA.al has provided within the DP. So far, the names have been confirmed in 9 confirmed constituencies, out of which in 8 constituencies, DP gets at least 3 mandates.

So there are 16 names including Basha. This list also has the name no.2 which is confirmed in many regions, or Tirana which has some prominent names of the daily political activity of the opposition. The winning list also includes the allies, Agron Duka, Nard Ndoka, Dashamir Shehi.

There are over 20 of them, waiting for Vangjel Dule, Fatmir Mediu or Shpetimi Idrizi, who are looking for more than one place. PR requires 2, PDIU 3. There are some questions for women candidates, but also those in Tirana and some other regions are already clear.

There are some other names that haven?t been publicly confirmed, as this process will end with the submission of the list to the CEC. These names are very present in public and have confirmed their candidacy in the winning list. In Tirana, Sali Berisha, Jorida Tabaku, Florion Mima, Alfred Rushaj, Grida Duma, Agron Shehaj, Flamur Noka, Albana Vokshi, Belind Këlliçi, and Lulzim Basha himself.

Meanwhile, there are some other names like Ina Zhupa, Çlirim Gjata or Dorjan Teliti and Oriola Pampuri. In Durrës, where the list is headed by Edi Paloka, Agron Duka and Oerd Bylykbashi are also part of the list. In Kukës a reconfirmed name is Isuf Çela.

In Shkodra, where Helidon Bushati will lead the list, Bardh Spahia and Ramadan Lika are also expected to run. In Elbasan, where the first on the list is Gazment Bardhi, are two other names Luciano Boçi re-nominated, and Dashamir Sula returned to the race, but in the winning part of the list.

In Korça, the list headed by Edmond Spaho, is expected to be joined by Andrea Mano and Bledion Nallbati. In question is still Ervin Salianji, pending by the court decision on the ?Babale? case, but also for the fact that he was disqualified by the Ruli-Nishani commission.

In Dibër, where Xhelal Mziu leads the list, a name that is running for the first time is Kreshnik Çollaku who is expected to cover the Mat area. Together these names make up almost 45 winning candidates. The DP got 42 deputies in 2017. If it increases by 20 percent, ie to add winning seats, there are almost 18 names, some of them in question. Without further calculating the mandates that the SMI will have within the DP.

This makes the scheme even more difficult. So the DP list is almost being outlined, the names are being filled, there will be some surprises that will be sold as the novelties of the century, and here everything will end. With the list of DP, Basha will keep almost the entire group it had in 2017, with some small ?patches?, where there are names that return to the race, or are running for the first time.

In both cases in total are less than 10 names. The DP list in some regions will have names from the SMI inside it, which makes it even more difficult to fully build it, or to represent it as dignified as possible in these elections, where it is expected that with ?patches and torn jackets? of the list that in 2017, and with some ?new stitches?, to be sold as a ?new suit?./CNA.al

Basha drejt mbylljes së listave/ Rikandidojnë shumica e emrave të 2017, ja 45 fituesit në qarqe

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