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Basha: I will cancel the Rinas concession/ But what will you do with your brother-in-law?

29 Janar 2021, 21:46, English CNA
Basha: I will cancel the Rinas concession/ But what will you do with your

Opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, reacted tonight after the concession received by the Kastrati company for Rinas airport, which is proposed to last 13 years. Through a Twitter post, Basha declares that he will cancel the Rinas concession, and return the airport to the Albanians.

?Any act of concession, PPP or extension of the concession proposed by the outgoing government, is in flagrant violation of the laws of the country. I pledge before every Albanian, that I and my government will not recognize any such act and will undo it. ?Mother Teresa? International Airport will be returned to Albanians and their state according to the initial provisions of the concession contract. Albania will return to the Albanians! Albania wins? – writes the leader of the opposition.

But along with this statement, the question arises:will Lulzim Basha ?cancel? also his brother-in-law? Will he tell us where are brother-in-law?s offices? Why did he go to those offices after the protest on Nation Road?

Because according to the data reported in the media, the company of Erion Isufi, the brother-in-law of Lulzim Basha, ?Landmark Communications? has the center in the same premises as the company in partnership with the concessionaire of Nation Road, and the one that has received Rinas concession.

It is very difficult to believe Luli Basha?s statements at this time, as it seems that they are only for the electoral campaign. In the same way, Luli also lied about Nation Road. He pretended to react, and then sheltered his brother-in-law on the properties of the concession company. Therefore, Basha’s reaction today is nothing but bargaining or the next fine in favor of his family. As usual, we are just waiting for the start of negotiations by the brother-in-law./ CNA.al

Basha: Do anulloj koncesionin e Rinasit/ Po kunatin si do e bësh?

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