Note/ Luli Basha is not on the side of the oligarchs

31 Janar 2021, 13:29, English CNA
Note/ Luli Basha is not on the side of the oligarchs

Lulzim Basha reacted again on Saturday, using the term oligarch against business. But apparently Luli Basha suffers from amnesia. And this because there are many facts that Lulzim Basha has nothing to do with the oligarchs.

That Basha doesn?t stay and lives with his family in the luxury villas of the oligarch Agron Papuli, as he called him, and whom he denounced endlessly a few months ago. The same situation is with the villas he owns at ?Valamar?, the luxury residence in Lalzi Bay.

In the luxury villas where live the oligarchs, lives also Luli Basha. His brother-in-law and his other family members also have the villa there. On the other hand, Basha talks about the oligarchs and the concession of Rinas Airport.

Is not his brother-in-law the one who has chosen the oligarch Shefqet Kastrati? Didn?t he move the offices of his company from another oligarch, and took them to the concessionaire of Rinas and Nation Road after he betrayed the young men, who protested against the tariff set for Nation Road?

Aren?t those oligarchs, who have forgiven his luxury ?Mercedes?, those who have won tens of millions of euros from government tenders? Aren?t the oligarchs the businessmen he holds by his side, and who finance the Democratic Party and the election campaign?

Therefore, Lulzim Basha has nothing to do with any oligarch, he doesn?t know the oligarchs, and will not rule with the oligarchs. He wants to govern with the people, whom he is asking what are their problems, in order to draft the governing program taking as a priority the problems that people have.

But on the other hand it announces a program, where there are only tax cuts for the rich and mainly for the oligarchs. Lulzim Basha is not only a friend of the oligarchs, but even promises lower taxes for them./CNA.al

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