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"Your hands are washed with blood, criminal!" / Këlliçi vows to Veliaj: As long as I have breath…

9 Shkurt 2021, 18:04, English CNA
"Your hands are washed with blood, criminal!" / Këlliçi

By Belind Këlliçi

The killer of Ardit Gjoklaj returned at the crime scene in Kombinat today.  The guarantor and signatory of the waste management mafia, instead of answering to his constituents about the millions of euros paid to burn waste and suffocate the city while causing terminal illnesses, decided to talk about my private life!

I understand your irritation with the fact that the Woman standing by my side participated in the massive demonstrations with all the other citizens of Tirana to stop the demolition of the National Theatre from the hands of a criminal like you, and her disgust from your politics of deception and destruction of Tirana on behalf of the mafia clans.

You cannot speak about my education, my achievements in the United States and the EU, my political activity, or my capacity because your fight is not with me.  Your fight is with the honest socialists of Kombinat because they will never forgive your war against them to employ your G99 clowns.

As a spied upon suspect pf the Italian Antimafia authorities, as a destroyer of the National Theatre and the identity and heritage of Tirana, clearly you are out of arguments.  This ia the difference between me and you.

The entire city of Tirana points you out because you have blood in your hands, because you are drowning in the mud of money laundering and because you eat out of the same dish that the waste management mafia does.  I live modestly with my income, not with that of my wife, neither with my mother?s retirement, and definitely not with the 20% broker fees of the waste management and cement mafia.

Like the rats that are the first to sense an earthquake, so are you the first to sense the nearby end of your boss. I understand, your problem is not with me.

Your problem is with Edi Rama.  God knows how can you stick it out so far without pulling the chair from under him.  I got it, you got other problems. You are worried about getting the chairmanship of SP.  It?s going to be hard to do by correspondence from jail though.

You are going to have to answer for increasing the water bills 10-fold while Tirana has no running water.  You are going to be responsible for raising the business taxes to the point of bankrupting them.

Tell the constituents on whose account did you shut down ?Rruga e Durresit? and ?Myslym Shyri?.  Tell them whose money are you laundering by turning Tirana in a cement jungle.

Your attacks on my private life will neither stop me, nor the Woman that I am happy to have by my side from fighting everyday to make Tirana a city that that is developed and livable for every Albanian, be it a democrat or socialist.

For as long as I breathe, I, Belind Kellici will ask everyday for justice for Ardit Gjoklaj.  Tirana will be freed from Ndragheta!

I promise this to the ordinary criminal that you are!/CNA.al

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