Luli Basha’s anniversary/ 4 years from the protests under the tent, which he sold to Edi Rama

19 Shkurt 2021, 18:42, English CNA

Yesterday marks 4 years since February 18, 2017, when Luli Basha together with other deputies of the Democratic Party and democratic citizens, set up a tent in front of the Prime Minister to overthrow the government and Edi Rama.

The chairman of the New Republic promised that he wouldn?t leave the tent without overthrowing the government, and before the country went directly to the parliamentary elections, in order for Luli Basha to take the throne of the country?s prime minister.

In the tent of 2017, he mocked the Democrats, as he constantly swore that there would be no election. But then there was an agreement on May 17, 2017, with Prime Minister Edi Rama, the details of which are never made public.

Video-Patozi dhe Imami e shajnë/ Rama merr në mbrojtje Bashën: Është çun i mirëThen the leader of the New Republic changed his position. He not only enter the elections, but throughout the campaign, he forgot Edi Rama and directed all the accusations against the SMI. The result was catastrophic for the DP, but it was quite fruitful for the pocket of his family.

After the agreement, Lulzim Basha?s father-in-law received ?accidentally? 16 million euros from Albanian taxes, for a collapsed building, which was built on the sand of the Ionian Sea in Vlora. Not to mention the flourishing of brother-in-law businesses during the Renaissance government.

Now let?s wait and see, what will be the next ?stand? or ?benefit? of the head of the New Republic. And no one should be surprised. Basha is a treacherous man. He has shown this quite clearly so far, when he hasn?t kept any promises, and when he has lied the real democrats, who love the DP without any interest.

Although he has them in the coalition today, Basha accused the SMI and PJIU in June 2017, before the election result certified his defeat, as bargaining and clienteles parties. At that time, the leader of the New Republic, just like Rama today, said that the party of Monika and Ilir would no longer be in power, because according to him SMI had abused with the power, and that there would never be a bargain with the DP.

But 18 months later happened the complete opposite. He not didn?t keep his promise to the democrats and his supporters, but today he is in a coalition with these parties, which until yesterday were clientelist.

So with less than two months to go before some elections, Basha comes out in front of his supporters, with the promise that he will overthrow the government together with the clientelist and abusive parties in power.

?SMI should be clear that the time of bargains in politics end on June 25. Therefore, all those voters who have been tempted with the cards of the bazaar parties, that have been given to hold you hostage, knows that the votes for these parties are votes thrown into the sea?- said Basha in June 2017./ CNA.al

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