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Two years since the burning of the mandates of the deputies/ How Basha deceived the democrats

18 Shkurt 2021, 13:22, English CNA

Yesterday, February 17, marked two years since the burning of opposition mandates. Two years ago, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, and the chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi, burned the mandates of the deputies after a hasty decision.

After this extreme act, Basha delivered a speech at the headquarters of the New Republic where he said that Edi Rama had been overthrown, that the government had been overthrown, that the country had no prime minister and that victory was certain. But let us go back two years before, what happened on February 17, 2019. Not all those on DP list handed over the mandates, just like many of the SMI. Some MPs stayed, Lefter Koka, Rudina Hajdari, Myslim Murrizi, and almost 50 others entered parliament.

So from the following list of the Democratic Party and the SMI. Violent protests with tear gas and Molotov cocktails, were then launched against the institutions. In about 12 protests held by the opposition, it was declared that the government had fallen. Then, on June 30, Basha didn?t run in the local elections, thus forgiving Edi Rama 61 municipalities at the table. So, with the burning of mandates two years ago, Rama received from Luli Basha the constitutional majority and 61 municipalities as gift.

Although Basha promised that there would be confrontation in every polling station and that Albania would be on fire, the elections were very calm. Further, Lulzim Basha abandoned the protests, lying to the Albanians that there would be elections in October 2019, with a new decree by President Ilir Meta.
In the end nothing happened, Basha failed. After a few months of rest, we saw a very softened Lulzim Basha in his attitudes towards the government. After the earthquake of November 26, 2019, he behaved as if he were a member of the Civil Emergency Headquarters of Edi Rama.

After the earthquake, Basha began to change his face, going through houses and ruins, and not because of the damage inspection, but because that is what told him the company that manages his public image.

In fact, this company is trying very hard, but Luli Basha and the donkey are not becoming gray either by wisdom or by dedication, they remain just as they are. Two years since the burning of the MPs mandates, Lulzim Basha records only failures in his balance sheet, and the only ?victory? is that he has given Edi Rama both legislative and local power./CNA.al


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