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The scandal/ Tirana Prosecutor releases those who tried to kill businessman Andon Dhima

24 Shkurt 2021, 13:29, English CNA

Justice system in Albania continues to show incompetence. Even worse it is showing that prosecutors are still part of the mafia and criminal groups.

CNA.al has learned that in recent days the prosecutor of Tirana, Leonard Filopati, has released the other person who tried to kill businessman Andon Dhima, event that occurred on October 17, 2020.

We recall that on November 15 of last year, the Tirana Court released one of the accomplices of the assassination attempt. Grid Lena, sentenced to 6 years in prison for armed robbery in Germany, and Altin Hoxha, a resident of Tirana, previously convicted of gunshot wounds, were arrested for the assassination attempt of the businessman.

While only of the three persons initially charged, was held in the cell for illegal possession of weapons, i.e the person whose were found weapons, masks, and camouflage. So an attempted murder, a video that shocked public opinion, where two people with guns in their hands appeared to businessman Andon Dhima at the elevator door, and it was a few seconds that made the difference between life and death.

Official sources told CNA.al that prosecutor Filopati is the person who has built the whole scenario for the release of the characters, who after several days of wiretapping and surveillance of telephones, but also the cameras of public spaces, were identified after the attempt to kill the businessman.
At the time, it was initially said that the video was a script, mostly by media funded by people who were directly accused by Dhima, but also under their influence, as Leonard Filopati is known as the prosecutor of Nikoll Lesi.

The police arrested with rage the responsible persons, declaring that they had uncovered the event, that had provided evidence such as telephone messages and film footage. But apparently these were not enough for prosecutor Filopati, who quickly closed the case, accusing only one of the three persons for ?unlawful possession of a weapon?, and releasing the other 2 persons.

After being interrogated, the defendants stated that they were in that building not for the citizen Andon Dhima, but for another citizen, with whom they had previously had a conflict with cars. The facts show that Leonard Filopati, the scandalous prosecutor, instead of enforcing the law, of uncovering the criminal event, has chosen to acquit these persons suspected of this event, to give them freedom, creating an atmosphere of panic and terror on business. Now anyone who raises his hand over the business, can be released after a few months, it is enough to have the right political, media, and justice support./CNA.al

Skandali/ Prokurori i Tiranës liron atentatorët e Andon Dhimës

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