Albanians’ lives is in danger/The politicians turn into “ticking bomb”

21 Shkurt 2021, 14:24, English CNA

?Love in the time of the pandemic?, could be the title of a movie or book, if it were to describe this year?s election campaign. For over a year, Covid-19 has changed behavior and everything else in everyone?s life worldwide.

The restrictions have become so apparent, that many people are not even meeting their relatives in order to be protected and healthy. But for our politicians, this is not important. For them, the lives of citizens is secondary, as the most important is the election campaign and securing votes.

Edi Paloka, the leader of the Durrës region from the Democratic Party, has held a meeting with the residents of Fushë-Kruja, without implementing any measure of the anti-Covid protocol, openly endangering people?s lives.

In a closed environment, with more than 10 people, without a mask and social distancing, it

is the image that appears from the photos that the former deputy and deputy chairman of the Democratic Party has shared on Facebook.

This is not the only case where representatives of the DP break the rules, and turn into a ?ticking bomb? for the lives of ordinary people. Former Democratic MP, Edmond Spaho, was also caught in violation of anti-Covid rules, where after being denounced by CNA.al he was fined 50 million Lek.

Last night, was fined the other DP candidate for MP, Xhelal Mziu, who was holding closed-door meetings with a crowd of people. Police in every city ?sleep?. They ?wake up? only after denunciations by the media, while fines are not spared for ordinary citizens who walk in open spaces and maintaining social distancing.

We wish that in the little time we have left until the elections of April 25, the lives of albanians should not be seriously endangered by our irresponsible politicians./CNA.al

Jeta e shqiptarëve në rrezik/ Politikanët kthehen në ?minë me sahat?


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