An event that shows us how works the Mafia in Albania

24 Shkurt 2021, 18:34, English CNA

Mafia is not an unknown concept for Albania, or only heard from the Hollywood, or Italian films of the 90s. In fact, with each passing day, more and more events show that such a structure in Albania exists.

It functions from the top of the state, to the last instance. Let?s look at an event that happened on October 17, 2020. Today it was reported in the media, that this case was closed by the prosecution by prosecutor Leonard Filopati.

A citizen named Andon Dhima, who is involved in politics and creates businesses, sells property at low prices or partners with a politician, who puts assets in the name of the father-in-law, makes sale-purchase contracts on behalf of the children without them being present, notarial forgeries, concealment of property, property, trials and endless conflicts.

The justice system is gripped, with endless problems, property issues resolved by highly correct contracts, take different directions in favor of someone else. State institutions don?t function, don?t react, they are corrupted by inciting a conflict, and then an assassination.

An assassination attempt on businessman Andon Dhima, who raised his finger of accusation somewhere, being careful and waiting for justice to uncover the truth, after the police had done a commendable job, and had managed to arrest the perpetrators of the criminal event of October 17, where two gunmen attempted to execute him at the entrance to his apartment.

The prosecution then closes the case, closes the investigation, releases the suspects and keeps only one person in jail for illegal possession of weapons. She believes in the alibi of those who were accused and arrested by the police, while the Andon Dhima case no longer exists, although clashes with justice continue, letters to embassies, corrupt institutions.

What is the Mafia more than that? When it seizes the state through mortgages, through the courts, through the prosecution, and when it uses criminal groups for assassinations. Is not the real mafia the combination of all these? So it is not this the Mafia the seizure of the state by certain individuals for corrupt, criminal and wealthy interests? How does the Mafia differ from the Andon Dhima event?

From a case started with property, conflicts, clashes within the justice system, threats, blackmail, fines and debts, to an assassination that could take his life in a few seconds. This is the Mafia in Albania, a case told and lived by a character.

Everyone knows and touches and sees what is happening, how far corruption has gone, the capture of the state, but no one reacts. After a failed assassination attempt, the mafia media denies the event, saying it is fabricated.

The police investigate the perpetrators, while on the other hand, the Prosecution serves the mafia and goes beyond the version of the servile media. The Mafia in Albania is really strong, this is how it acts and has acted when it fined businesses, took their money, property and wealth.

Mafia then carried out assassinations, threats, and acquitted the perpetrators through the justice system. Well this is the Mafia, there is no big difference in the case of Andon Dhima.

The message given to us by the prosecution is quite clear: that in Albania there are scandalous prosecutors, who are ready to commit acts like the last one by the prosecutor of Tirana, which are more and more proof that the Mafia in Albania exists./ CNA.al

Një ngjarje që na tregon si funksionon mafia në Shqipëri


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