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Three fresh lies of Monika Kryemadhi

2 Mars 2021, 11:39, English CNA
Three fresh lies of Monika Kryemadhi

Monika Kryemadhi has tried several times yesterday to explain to the public why the Socialist Movement for Integration is running in the elections on April 25 with a separate list from that of the Democratic Party, and to show why the coalition will be only after election. As usual, she told the next lies, which every democrat or member of the SMI understands very well.

First, Kryemadhi said that with 2 separated lists she wants more inclusion of the albanians in the elections. In fact, what will happen to the opposition, will be the fact that it will burn more votes. Everyone already knows the reason why Kryemadhi and Basha couldn?t agree on building a joint coalition. The DP didn?t accept more than 12-14 SMI candidates on its lists. This also brought their competition with separate lists. So they are not competing separately for maximizing the vote, but because of not finding a consensus for the allocation of seats.

Secondly, Kryemadhi stated yesterday that together with Basha they won the local elections of 2011. This is also a pure lie. In the elections for the Municipality of Tirana, Basha lost with 11 votes, and then it was Berisha who won. Rama was running for the fourth time and the scheme was clear, and let?s not forget the influence of the communist Hysni Milloshi. The third lie is the harmonization of programs.

In fact, SMI doesn?t have any electoral program. This party makes some formal promises to the public. But the only program of the SMI is the appointment in the administration of some trained thieves in these jobs. These are stories that are already known since 2009, and in case there is a harmonization of corruption, Monika Kryemadhi has no rival./CNA.al

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