The problem is not Bamir Topi!

25 Shkurt 2021, 14:19, English CNA
The problem is not Bamir Topi!

Lulzim Basha and the media close to him, declared as a great victory the signing yesterday of the agreement with Bamir Topi and the New Democratic Spirit (NDS). A move that was expected, but was kept secret until the last moment.

Topi was part of the opposition coalition, as many of the exponents of his party had abandoned him and returned to the DP such as Gazmend Oketa, Aleksandër Biberaj, etc. Topi?s return to the Democratic Party, described by Sali Berisha as a ?boulevard villain? after the events of January 21, 2011, brings together for the first time the former president?s party with the Democratic Party.

But here is another detail. In some media circles, Bamir Topi is called as the gift of Agron Papuli to Lulzim Basha. The DP leader is often accused of buying two luxury villas in Long Hill, a residential area constructed by Papuli, Bamir Topi?s co-father-in-law. The return of Topi seems like a great hope, but in fact it seems that he hasn?t been a real problem for the elections and the expectations of April 25. For this let us look at the election results for NDS according to the official data.

Bamir Topi?s NDS in the 2017 elections, received a total of only 5100 votes, ie as a half MP mandate, of which 1700 votes in Tirana. In the 2013 elections, NDS received 29.000 votes, but his party was at that time against Berisha. From that time, there are many exponents and elements that Basha took from Topi.
The initiative to call Bamir Topi and any right-wing force in the coalition is to be welcomed.

But it is normal to collect every current and factor of the right, after you have arranged things in your home. Lulzim Basha cannot be saved by the 5.000 votes of Topi in 2017, or anti-Berisha votes of 2013. Basha?s party risks to be destroyed, while that of Bamir Topi has been already destroyed. Meanwhile, there are some other opposition options coming from the Movement of Topalli, Conviction of Astrit Patozi, PLD of Murrizi, Knitting Initiative, but also some other parties that have that can get votes, despite the fact that they may not win the mandate of deputy.

They are the real problem for the DP, not Bamir Topi. Not being able to unite the party he leads, and confronting with or without intent 3 opposition parties that have specified specifically not only for their names and leaders, and putting in front of them Bamir Topi as a salvation, ?the boulevard villain?, this only can advertise as e solution of the problem only by Lulzim Basha. In fact, the problem is not Bamir Topi, but some opposition parties and the influx of critics within Democratic Party./CNA.al

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