From the music singer to doctors and engineers/ The “Army” which Edi Rama praises

10 Mars 2021, 18:23, English CNA
From the music singer to doctors and engineers/ The “Army” which Edi

All dilemmas ended. The final lists were made public on Monday after midnight, when it was the legal deadline for their submission. And in fact in the ruling majority camp happened what was expected. The leader of the socialists, Edi Rama, who claims to win the third mandate, made a big move of names in the districts.

In the various meetings he has held, Rama has asked the SP base for more work and dedication, asking them to have as many meetings as possible with the electorate, to listen to their concerns and problems.

To achieve his goal, Edi Rama has placed the leaders of the regions in the limits of the ranking in the list, to secure more seats than in the 2017 elections. Citizens? dissatisfaction seems to be great, as in the safe places, which are bastions of the left, Rama hasn?t put the same names.

In the Korça region, was removed the Minister of State for Parliamentary Relations, Elisa Spiropali, who this time will run in Kamza, being replaced by Olta Xhaçka, who left Dibra, where she was the head of this region.

Rama has stated that in the list of SP candidates are the best people, who will manage to win against the opposition, which according to him consists of several losers. But which are the names included in his lists? In addition to the well-known and consumed names in the SP, Rama has also introduced the head of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tirana Najada Çomo, and the well-known engineer Luljeta Bozdo.

But in the ?army? that will provide Edi Rama the third term, are included the names of the new opposition in Parliament, starting with Ylli Shehu, who from a tallava music singer entered the parliament from the SMI lists, when Kryemadhi and Basha burned the mandates, and even Aurora Mara or Klajdi Qama and others like them, who in almost 2 years never spoke in the rostrum of the parliament about the real worries and concerns of the citizens.

Other names who joined Rama are Edmond Rushi and Halit Valteri in Tirana, Vasil Stejovski in Korça, Nimet Musai in Fier etc. The movements of the Socialist Party were a surprise until the last moment, when was made public the final list.

These elections seem ?special?, where on the one hand the SP is seeking a third term, and on the other hand we have the Democratic Party seeking to make Lulzim Basha Prime Minister for the first time, although the latter?s list is made up of losers.

The novelty in these elections in Korça is the candidacy of Myslim Murrizi with the Albanian Democratic Movement, but also of other new forces such as the Democratic Conviction of Astrit Patozi or the Movement for Change of Jozefina Topalli, who will compete in 12 regions./CNA.al

Nga këngëtari i tallavasë tek mjekë e inxhiniere/ ?Armata? që Rama i thur lavde


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