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Panic in Democratic Party/Anxiety and stress about lists

7 Mars 2021, 16:15, English CNA
Panic in Democratic Party/Anxiety and stress about lists

Panic situation among many politicians and names claiming to be part of the Alliance for Change plus DP coalition lists. Although in the former SHQUP building doesn?t have much movement, panic prevails in many names that claim to be in the winning part of the list that Lulzim Basha will submit tomorrow at midnight to the CEC.

Anxiety and stress have also the allied parties that have signed the coalition, but have not specified the locations. Some of them have a problem with Luli Basha, as he has often lied and betrayed them. In panic are many other names that hope to be part of the lists, but looks very far from the winning places like Eno Bozdo, Fatbardh Kadilli, Fitim Zekthi, Andrea Mano, Roland Bejko, Luan Baci, Endri Hasa etc.

These are names, and some of them have always claimed but could never be winners, but also others who have been part of the lists, but most likely are in the red zone or out of the list. There are many other names, but we are not mentioning them. You will understand who they are after their explosion when they learn that Luli Basha left again with her finger in her mouth./CNA.al

Panik në PD/Ankth dhe stres për listat

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