A public question to Monika Kryemadhi, Ilir Meta and SMI for incinerators

4 Mars 2021, 16:43, English CNA
A public question to Monika Kryemadhi, Ilir Meta and SMI for incinerators

In a TV appearance on the show ?Opinion? last night, the chairwoman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi denounced what she described as a major scandal. Due to her warning made two days ago, there were high expectations about what she would say and do.

In the end, everyone heard only one denunciation that was made earlier by the media. The scandal in question has been investigated by CNA.al, and the documents related to it have all been published, even during the time when Monika Kryemadhi was in power with Edi Rama.

So at the time when the Minister of Environment from the SMI was Lefter Koka, as the incinerator scandal doesn?t start after 2017. The incinerator in Tirana was signed in 2017, and everything starts during the Rama-Meta government.

Meanwhile, Kryemadhi said on the show what BIRN, CNA.al, Hashtag and many other media have said for a long time, when they denounced this scandal. At that time, some other media in the service of Ilir Meta, don?t denounce or report anything, and don?t dare to do so even today.

Yesterday, Kryemadhi issued a bunch of letters, blaming Arben Ahmetaj, the former Minister of Finance, and today the Minister of Reconstruction, for the attempt to hide that scandal. But this accusation was leveled against him in September last year by the Democratic Party and Lulzim Basha, who publicly denounced the affair of incinerators, but only after the strong media insistence.

So Basha, even Kryemadhi are remembered to talk after 4 years about this corrupt affair, which is probably the biggest scandal of 30 years of democracy. Kryemadhi had to emphasize the great violation of the law, which can?t be covered by SPAK, neither by Klodian Zoto, nor the wife of Mirel Mërtiri, Stela Gugalla, nor the incinerator of Elbasan, Fier or Tirana, where in two of them still there are no incinerators built.

There are discussions about that in Elbasan, but the fact is that the Albanian government paid money before the incinerators started working. This is the point that Kryemadhi didn?t underline properly. Lulzim Basha didn?t say this either. But that is the point that ?bury? the corruption of incinerators.

The Albanian government has signed a contract, and given the money to a private company, which has taken them from Albanian taxes to build the incinerators. So from the state budget are offered millions of euros without having a service. But, the essence of everything lies not only here, but in the fact why Kryemadhi talked after only 4 years.

We have some public questions about it:First, did the SMI or people close to it receive funds, the amount of money from the owners of the incinerators, and the investments made by the Albanians? taxes? Did the SMI have in its lists as candidates for deputies, the people who signed for the incinerators?

Has the SMI officially or unofficially received money from incinerators, as many media in Albania receive, with or without bills. Why Monika Kryemadhi has remained silent for 4 years in a row? Why did she not denounce Lefter Koka from the beginning, but only now, a few weeks before the elections?

These are some questions, which if the Kryemadhi cannot answer, we can answer it, and Albanians will learn it too. And not because we will protect incinerators. For us, they are a big corruption scandal, and we will continue to denounce them with exclusive documents. So what Kryemadhi made public yesterday, we have been publishing for years. But the moral of the whole fable is one:Why she speaks so late, and did she receive money from the incinerators? Can she talk about incinerators, when their signatories were representatives of the SMI. Let?s wait for the answer./CNA.al

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