The names/ CNA.al reveals the candidates of the SMI list

7 Mars 2021, 16:19, English CNA
The names/ CNA.al reveals the candidates of the SMI list

A day before the submission of the names officially to the CEC, CNA.al has revealed the names of the SMI candidates who will lead the lists of the districts. The SMI led by Monika Kryemadhi will run in a separate coalition, not with Basha?s DP, a scheme to increase the number of seats, or to get as many votes as possible from the left SMI, which could harm the Socialist Party.

CNA.al brings below the main candidates, ie those whom the SMI calls safe. According to the votes received in three pairs of elections with the regional proportional system SMI has had a continuous increase.

In 2009, the SMI and its coalition received 84.000 votes and 4 seats, which they used to join the government with former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. In 2013, in coalition with the Socialists, the SMI received 180.000 votes and 16 seats.

In 2017 alone against the Rama-Basha alliance, the SMI led by Ilir Meta for the third time saw an increase, going 225 thousand votes and 19 seats. The April 25 elections, are the first under the leadership of Monika Kryemadhi, who has ousted many of its founders, leaders and former MPs from the party. The SMI comes up in this election with new names in some counties, but most of the names are the remaining loyalists of Kryemadhi and Meta.

SMI list:


-Petrit Vasili

– Klajda Gjosha

– Floida Kërpaci

– Vojo Bregu

– Erisa Xhixho


– Monika Kryemadhi

– Edmond Haxhinasto


– Elona Guri

– Bahri Shaqiri

– Ardit Çela

-Aurela Agalliu


– Luan Rama

– Monika Kryemadhi

– Kejdi Mehmetaj


– Vangjel Tavo


– Endrit Braimllari


– Agron Çela

– Viktor Tushaj

In Kukës, Dibër, SMI support the DP?lists./CNA.al

Emrat/ CNA.al zbulon kandidatët e listës së LSI


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