Eduart Halimi’s successes as spectacles of servility and failures

8 Mars 2021, 14:50, English CNA
Eduart Halimi’s successes as spectacles of servility and failures

Eduart Halimi returned yesterday to politics, as expected and was predicted by CNA.al after almost 2 years, when the former MP and former Minister of Justice, withdrew from the DP parliamentary group with the argument of engagement in other areas.

In fact, at that time in the corridors of the DP it was said that Eduart Halimi was suffering from a serious illness. Perhaps these words were spread by himself or others for him to leave the DP parliamentary group and to deal with his private activity.

On the other hand, in the corridors of the blue headquarters, there was talk of an irresistible employment contract in a foreign country that was offered to Halimi. In fact, the latter had done nothing else but bargains with the justice reform, together with Lulzim Basha.

It?s enough to recall here a strong clash of Eduard Halimi with Sali Berisha, which was passed in silence. Eduart Halimi?s successes are ?great?. He became a minister after taking ?hostage? the Electoral College in 2011. So the famous institution, where most judges have already been fired from the judiciary because of vetting. At that time, that College secured Lulzim Basha the mandate of the mayor of Tirana after the recount of some votes cast in the wrong boxes. As a reward, Halimi received the post of Minister of Justice. In 2013, Sali Berisha ran him in the Durrës district, where he failed shamefully.

Halimi got the worst result in the history of the DP up to that time. He stood by Lulzim Basha, his interests, although during the time of the DP in power, until he took the post of minister he stood by the most powerful people in this party. In 2017 Lulzim Basha took him to compete in the district of Berat.

Even there he got the weakest historical result of the DP in that district. Only one deputy mandate. The SMI even surpassed the rankings. And to the credit of Eduart Halimi, the DP emerged in Berat as the third political force.
He then left the parliamentary group, declared that he would not return to politics, and found 1001 excuses for public opinion. Meanwhile, yesterday he returned to serve his friend Luli Basha, ostensibly for some big problems.

In fact, it seems that Lulzim Basha has placed Eduart Halimi as a guard of some of his servile officials in public institutions. So Halimi will be a CEC observer, and will watch how Hegla Vuka, Elvis Cefa or Ledion Braho will behave.
In fact, the latter is mostly observed by his brother-in-law, Erion Isufi. However, from a former minister and a regional leader, to leave politics and then return as a garage guard, this success can only be achieved by the master Eduart Halimi, who is an incomparable servile of leaders, as if you look carefully at politics, has never won but has just failed.

Now, a former MP and former minister returned as a guard, appointed by Lulzim Basha, but also as a warning for the loss of the latter, as with Eduart Halimi DP has only lost the election./CNA.al

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