Quarrel for positions in the Democratic Party of Korça/Salianji clashes with Andrea Mano

11 Mars 2021, 19:54, English CNA
Quarrel for positions in the Democratic Party of Korça/Salianji clashes

The branch of the Democratic Party in the Korça regjion, is involved in a major conflict between its members. During the closed-door meeting between the candidates of the April 25 electoral list, was discussed the division of zones for each.

The political leader of the region, Edmond Spaho, has requested that the former deputy Ervin Salianji lead the city of Korça, to seek the vote of confidence of the citizens. The proposal was rejected by the head of the branch and the candidate for deputy Andrea Mano, throwing a series of accusations against Spaho and Salianji.

Salianji has demanded the removing of Mano from the leadership of the Democratic Party in Korça, in order to create space for him, who initially started the campaign in the Maliq area. Salianji has asked to cover Korça together with the candidate Sorina Koti.

But Mano objected with the argument that he has the political responsibility for the result, and that for 8 years he had run the local branch of the DP, despite being ranked 7th on the list of candidates. The loud tones and bangs on the table by Salianji lasted for several minutes, while Spaho tried to calm the situation by giving him other alternatives.

It is learned that the democrats of the Korça branch have said that Basha lied to the structures, when he said that would not be repeated the mistake of 2017, when Mano was ranked 5th, couldn?t get the mandate of deputy.

Some time ago, CNA.al reported that the base structures in the DP group section in Pojan of Korça, demanded the exclusion of Salianji from the race, arguing that he doesn?t represent them. After Vlora, dissatisfaction with Basha about the lists he has compiled, has already started in Korça./CNA.al

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