Ilir Meta spits on Albanians

12 Mars 2021, 14:17, English CNA
Ilir Meta spits on Albanians

For some time now, Ilir Meta has forgotten the duty of the President of the Republic, and has started the electoral campaign. Meta has started the engines of the campaign, and often holds meetings, gathering various groups of SMI supporters.

Recently, Meta appeared next to the former SMI MP, Erisa Xhixho, going door to door to meet the citizens closely. Erisa Xhixho is second in the list of Tirana. As in Tirana, Ilir Meta can go to Korça to campaign, he can go to Shkodra, Durrës or Vlora.

Now that the campaign has begun, according to the Constitution the president stands above the political parties. But with Meta’s recent behavior, we must wait for our president to go and campaign for Edi Rama for the third candidate of Vlora and Durres, or for the first of Tirana who is Lulzim Basha.

What happens to Meta has not been seen in any democratic country in the world, but only where the president is a dictator. Only Hugo Chavez was once involved in the election campaign. The Albanian state prohibits the president to be part of election campaign.

With his engagement in the election campaign, Ilir Meta doesn?t challenge Edi Rama, nor is helping Lulzim Basha. On the contrary, Ilir Meta is spitting on Albanians, as the law and the Constitution forbid him to appear in campaigns.

The president is calling for a referendum on April 25, and claims to gather as many people as possible to ward off evil, and to return to normalcy. But can we return to normalcy, when a president comes out and openly campaigns for his party, which is in fact a gang of fines and corrupted persons? The act of the president is the saliva he throws on the law, on the Constitution and on the face of Albanians./CNA.al

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