Basha goes to the polls with stolen ideas/Copies the electoral slogan of Jozefina Topalli

16 Mars 2021, 22:18, English CNA
Basha goes to the polls with stolen ideas/Copies the electoral slogan of

It is already known by everyone that the chairman of the New Republic, Lulzim Basha, likes to sleep a lot, and that are his brother-in-law and wife who deal with his affairs. But it seems that because the great desire to sleep, Basha has started to get so lazy that he even wants to work find ready.

It has recently been noticed that the leader of the Democratic Party stole the slogan, with which he is going to the elections on April 25, and that he stole it from Jozefina Topalli. The former Speaker of Parliament has introduced the slogan from the moment she presented the creation of the Movement for Change, and the slogan was exactly ?Together for Change?.

This slogan was copied by the current leader of the Democratic Party, who after naming the opposition coalition ?Alliance for Change?, stole the slogan of Topalli?s party.

Meanwhile, we recall that some time ago Topalli stated that Basha named the opposition coalition ?Alliance for Change?, in order to cause confusion among the citizens, and for the votes of the Albanians to be shifted from it to Luli Basha.

One has to remind Lulzim Basha that he cannot ascend to power with stolen ideal, and if he ever dreams of coming to power, it would be well to change the company dealing with the management of his figure, as it clearly seems to have failed.

The failure of the company that deals with Basha?s PR has been noticed before, where it has presented the militants as random citizens, but several times it has been bluffed by the media./CNA.al

Basha shkon në zgjedhje me ide të vjedhura/ Kopjon sloganin e Topallit


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