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Facts and figures/How the SMI got the votes from the SP and DP

4 Prill 2021, 13:44, English CNA
Facts and figures/How the SMI got the votes from the SP and DP

The Socialist Movement for Integration is a political force, born of the corruption of power, and grew with the corruption of power. A political force, created by the clash of Ilir Meta with Fatos Nano in 2004, for power and money, and which today has become the cancer of Albanian politics.

The facts and figures speak for themselves how Ilir Meta, a young man from Skrapar, without any inherited wealth, became a billionaire and today enjoys the luxury of his poker, in the SP government as prime minister, after in the government with the DP, and further with Edi Rama?s socialists bringing the Renaissance to power.

Ilir Meta started it in 2005 by bringing the Socialists into opposition. Then in 2009, he run in the election with the Socialist Alliance for Integration coalition, where the SMI received 73.000 votes, and in total coalition received 84.000 votes and 4 seats, where Ilir Meta himself was elected MP in Tirana.

The SMI enters the government with Sali Berisha, eroding from within the power of the former Prime Minister who had begun to undertake reforms, while the country was experiencing a strong economic development.

He takes over 20 percent of the power and on April 1, 2013, after a long dinner with eels, he entered into a coalition with Edi Rama. The 4-year rule with the SMI, would also be the ?electoral hole? of the Democrats. Ilir Meta leads the SMI to 180.000 votes in 2013, and secures 16 seats from the electoral formula, increasing by 4 times, while increasing the votes of this party more than 2 times.

On the other hand, Berisha?s Democrats received only 530.000 votes, a decrease of almost 90.000 votes which seems to be reflected as an increase of the SMI. Meta was elected speaker of parliament and then president with Renaissance votes. In 2017, he appointed Petrit Vasili as chairman of SMI, but led himself the election campaign.

In the elections of 4 years ago, the SMI grows again, and again at the expense of the DP, which continued their contraction with almost 230.000 votes. Meta received 225.000 votes and 19 seats, an increase that no one expected.

But the Rama-Basha agreement maimed the leader of the New Republic, which caused an electoral catastrophe through clientelist lists by selling mandates of deputies. All three results in three pairs of elections show an increase in the SMI.

In two cases the SMI has been in power, in 2013 it was in government with the DP and had issued its tentacles everywhere. While in 2017 it went to the elections in power with the SP, as it had expanded its spaces in power with ministries or employment in the administration.

The real electoral weight of the SMI is that of the 2009 result, where it has 74.000 votes. The other increase comes from the fact that this force was perceived as the party that makes the majority, and brings to power one of the major parties. These facts have been shown by time, and the growth of the SMI came mainly at the expense of the DP, but also the SP.

Mainly to the DP, as this force in the last 2 elections has almost halved, while the SP has maintained a stability of votes, while the SMI has expanded further in the electorate. But within the SMI there is a left-wing electoral body which was initially shaped as the extreme left, as its communist face.

But then it moved further without having a clear political profile. But was clear the fact that the SMI wanted power, employment and money. The details and figures of the three elections clearly show that the SMI has expanded on the backs of the two main parties by eroding the power of the DP and SP, from which have taken away the electorate mainly for power interests and employment, that comes not only from poverty but also bargaining of business and vote buying./CNA.al

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