Give Luli Basha’s brother-in-law the sugar factory in Maliq

30 Mars 2021, 17:11, English CNA
Give Luli Basha’s brother-in-law the sugar factory in Maliq

The Municipality of Maliq is one of the areas that has big problems with employment, because it is a town built in the 1960s, by people who worked in the former Sugar Factory. Today most residents are unemployed.

Unlike the rest of the Municipality, where in many communes or administrative units, the inhabitants have land, those of the administrative unit, Maliq, have a special problem, which is their connection with the former Sugar Factory, and its closure before almost 30 years.

Meanwhile, recently there is an ambitious project of the Municipality of Maliq, where the businessman Gjergj Luca has offered to invest in the destroyed state warehouses and the former buildings of the Sugar Factory.

The project has been designed by the Municipality of Maliq for almost 3 years, and has been elaborated by the businessman Gjergj Luca. The project would start in the spring of 2020, but everything stopped because of the pandemic.

Businessman Luca went a few days ago to launch the promised investment, but was met with an immediate reaction. The SMI says that we don?t need this investment, that new jobs should not be created, as this investment is becoming in a middle of electoral campaign, and is being implemented by oligarchs.

In fact this is the next madness and the biggest shame, that a political force publicly inflicts on residents of an area and specifically Maliq. In the beginning, the one who reacted against was the Democratic Party, saying that there will be no investment, that this is an electoral lie etc.

Then the SMI also reacted. So there is a reaction in the opposition bloc against an investment that will create new jobs. But, even if the businessman Gjergj Luca starts working today, there is no possibility to open the factory until the day of the elections.

As initially it will deal with the arrangements and fencing of the area where it will be invested, and with the reconstruction of warehouses for turn it into a factory for processing fish products. So, it is not an electoral investment, but a long-term investment that solves the employment problem, initially for 400-500 people, and up to 1400-1500 people with the completion of the project.

The project will continue with the construction of infrastructure across the Devoll River, for gone to the Pheasant Forest, so it will give a development to the tourism of the area.

On the other hand, the opposition, DP and SMI, say not to create jobs, because it is about electoral investments, so they make propaganda against business.

Although, the DP should actually be pro and should go and support the businessman. She should have been in Parliament and made concrete proposals to help this business, just because of the large number of people it employs. This did not happen.

On the contrary, the opposite has happened. Both the DP and the SMI have come out against investments. What should they do, and what is the solution in this case? Give the magazines to Erion Isufi, Lulzim Basha?s brother-in-law, who had his company with several tens of millions of lek, and today has turned it into a company with a turnover of millions of euros.

Let Erion Isufi leave the office of the oligarch Shefqet Kastrati and the Sheraton, and let him go to Maliq, let him fix the dilapidated warehouses and return them to investments for the inhabitants of the area. And if Erion Isufi refuse, let Monika Kryemadhi go somewhere and invest millions of euros from her father?s properties, which have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain in the center of Tirana, in the Tirana Ring or in Lalzi Bay.

Let Monica invest her money there in Maliq. But this doesn?t happen. Neither Monika nor Erion Isufi, nor the SMI businessmen, nor those of the DP go there. Instead of helping area residents, giving development ideas, and even formulating policies in support of business, they shamefully attack, accuse, and insult business and area residents.

The latest case in Maliq is the most egregious that has happened. But there are social wounds in many cities of Albania. So it was in Prrenjas. Let Erion Isufi go and take the offices to Prrenjas, where Gjergj Luca has built the factory.

Let him go to Labinot to the ruined warehouses of the state reserves, or even to Gramsh. None of them wants, and has neither the vision nor the courage to take this step, but only know how to accuse and shout./CNA.al

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