The five characters who may have written Lulzim Basha’s book

23 Mars 2021, 16:08, English CNA
The five characters who may have written Lulzim Basha’s book

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha announced yesterday the publication of his first and possibly last book. Public opinion has greeted him with ridicule, irony and meme. From a quick browsing of the book, it realizes that he has a very poor vocabulary, and many lies, as only Lulzim Basha can tell.

For example, he claims that at the age of 14 he overthrew the communist dictatorship, while at the age of 16 year old, he pretend that spoked against the government and the system of that time, even though he was related to the daughter of a State Security agent.

But let?s see who actually wrote this book. No one believes that the book was written by Luli Basha himself. This is because he sleeps a lot, and doesn?t have time to write books. Therefore, some alibis have been raised in public opinion.

First, one of the first names mentioned is that of his wife Aurela, or brother-in-law, Erion Isufi, or someone else who was paid by Lulzim Basha. But who are the characters that might have been paid? One of these names could be Preç Zogaj. But if you look at the book itself, the language used seems a bit changed.

Or it was written by Zogaj, and then Basha?s brother-in-law and Aurela intervened, adapted it according to Luli?s style and then published it. A second name that may have written the book is Flutura Açka, Lulzim Basha?s candidate for deputy, the second on the list of Elbasan, which is in fact the publisher of the book.

The third person who could have written this book on behalf of Lulzim Basha, could be Fahri Balliu, who a few months ago published the book for his son ?Mission of the Ring? by Klevis Balliu. Today we are faced with the fact that Luli Basha?s book entitled ?My Mission?, looks like a copy of Klevis?book, and there is no big difference.

So the book may have been written by Fahri Balliu in collaboration with his son. These are the names that we could bring. But may be there others in this rare event, when Luli Basha publishes a book. To become the object of memes and to draw attention from the campaign to the debate over who wrote the book and to whom it was stolen, this can only be done by a personality like Lulzim Basha./CNA.al

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