Fight between Basha’s candidates/ Spaho and Salianji expels Andrea Mano from electoral campaign

29 Mars 2021, 19:07, English CNA
Fight between Basha’s candidates/ Spaho and Salianji expels Andrea Mano

Clashes deepen in the branch of the Democratic Party in Korça.

The list of candidates announced by Lulzim Basha has provoked open conflicts. After fierce debates and fight from Andrea Mano to change the list, Spaho and Salianji have taken action. First, Edmond Spaho moved from Devoll, leaving there Bledion Nallbati, the scandalous former mayor of Bilisht Municipality, who a few months ago in the elections within the DP, took up arms against the militants who opposed him.

Spaho himself has started campaigning alone, expelling Andrea Mano from the Municipality of Maliq and Pustec, two areas previously covered by Ervin Salianji. Mano couldn?t enter these two units to seek a personal vote.

Spaho?s argument was that they are not branches covered by the Democratic Party of Korça, and Andrea Mano should focus only inside the city. So with a move the local leader of the Democratic Party has halved the area covered in these elections. Spaho and Salianji act in sync with each other.

The Babale of Lulzim Basha (Salianji) has made another move. He has moved inside the city covering the two districts 3 and 4 of the city, where the right has the most votes. Salianji has entered several constituencies of the Democratic Party, removing Andrea Mano, in order not to allow the latter to maximize the votes, and to try to be elected deputy according to preferential votes.

The Spaho-Salianji duo seem to be clear in their actions not to allow the local DP leader to open the list, as he could endanger both. At the beginning of the campaign, Mano appeared alongside the candidate Sorina Koti, known as the deputy of Fatbardh Kadilli, but now even the latter has abandoned him.

After debates with Salianji over area coverage, and Spaho distancing, Mano appears alone and isolated in the campaign, abandoned by what he called friends and collaborators. After bringing him to the bottom of the list, he now has to face the obstacles of the village emigrants, who live in Tirana and seek votes in Korça.

The leader of the Democratic Party in Korça is facing a political expulsion, which is being done every day by Edmond Spaho and Ervin Salianji in the area of Korça and half of the city, allowing him to campaign only in some old neighborhoods, where even if he receives 100 percent of the vote, he will not be able to be elected MP.

Babale and ?The Snail?(the nickname given to Spaho in the Democratic Party), seem to be strongly positioned against Mano, making him twice a victim in their mission, once bringing him to the bottom of the list, and then not allowed to collect votes to reopen the race within DP list./CNA.al

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