Grida Duma in attack against Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha

24 Mars 2021, 19:19, English CNA

Grida Duma is a politician catapulted to the top spheres of the Democratic Party after many of her occult connections or petty intrigues to reach the top. Although her contribution at the time of her appointment as Deputy Minister and other duties was zero.

Grida Duma came to the DP as Sali Berisha?s deputy minister, after many scandals and investigations by the prosecution regarding her properties, with investments made at a very young age. He was further involved in suspicious relationships with former banker Artan Santo.

Later, during the time she became an MP, broke out the G.D. scandal with Ervin Salianji and so on. But all these noises and scandals have not brought her withdrawal. On the contrary she has only moved forward, and has tried to overshadow these scandals by using her charm in front of many men, who see her as a beautiful woman.

Grida knows these tactics quite well, and has now chosen an open challenge. Her challenge is Lulzim Basha and Sali Berisha. She has had some moments of clash with Basha, but this time she seems to be moving forward. She has taken over the running of a very large constituency, that of Kavaja and Rrogozhina, which are known as PD strongholds.

The historical leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has run there for many years. Grida Duma has gone there with an open challenge:it aims to get more votes than Berisha in Kavaja.

On the other hand, Grida Duma is constantly trying to overshadow Lulzim Basha. Her goal is to get more votes in the Tirana district than the Democratic leader, and for this she is using the space given by the media and social networks, looking everywhere for her own vote, a vote that could make the Duma stay on Luli Basha, and if there were more votes than Sali Berisha in Kavaja, no one would criticize her.

And in case she would secure one more vote than Lulzim Basha, she would be the heir to the throne, ie the leader of the Democratic Party after the elections, in the case of the loss of Lulzim Basha. For this scenario, Grida Duma and some other characters in DP, collaborators of her, but also other exponents, are working maximally against Lulzim Basha.

They are asking for a personal vote, but always waiting for Basha to lose, to take over the leadership of the opposition, in the hope that later Edi Rama will be overthrown very soon, as a third term would be very difficult to continue.

Grida Duma is using some of its structures such as ?Grida Duma funs club?, a very active group in defense of Duma, with many characters inside, but also with ?fake news? or even reports, and with people who write and attack anyone who criticizes Grida.

The group consists of several young people, to whom Grida often addressed with video messages. We remember a while ago the message she sent from her home to the group of fans, or a group of young people who are the ?call center? of Grida, and function as an independent cell.

So Grida Duma has only one goal: To achieve a maximum result of personal votes, without counting here any of the women on the DP list, trying to be above any of them in the district of Tirana. Being a big county, it also has a chance to get a maximum amount of votes.

On the other hand, having more votes than everyone else, she aims to challenge Berisha himself in Kavaja or even Basha. In these conditions, Grida Duma would then take another step in her political career, to be in front of Basha or seeking the departure of the latter to take over the leadership of the DP.

We recall here that some time ago, Duma articulated direct criticism towards the Democratic leader when the latter began to distance from her. But Ms.Duma was able to play hard and then resist after the election within the DP, where she entered the presidency after Salianji?s resignation although was not voted.

Grida Duma has already learned the lesson, so she has an opened challenge to Berisha in Kavaja, and Basha at the national level, to secure more votes than any other lady on the DP list, so that she could be the opposition?s alternative tomorrow./ CNA.al

Grida në sulm kundër Berishës dhe Bashës

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