Ben Blushi uses Top Channel for revenge/ Here are the facts that cross him

2 Prill 2021, 18:46, English CNA

Former LIBRA leader Ben Blushi is using Top Channel to attack people in the system of justice. In the role of General Director of this television, he has made the object of his attacks, 2 judges and 1 prosecutor.

Known as a charlatan in politics, and paid with the taxes of Albanian citizens, for his personal interests and his partner Vjollca Hoxha, Ben Blushi attacks all those who don?t stand by them. On March 30, in the show ?Top Story?, were hit hard 3 people from the justice system, who were further lynched in the news reports.

In the conditions of an open conflict of interest, Blushi has resumed through Top Channel the attacks on the High Court judge Shkëlzen Selimi and his wife Judge Rilinda Selimi. From June 2018, Top Channel advised the Independent Qualification Commission (IQC) to dismiss Selimi, labeling the latter as the judge of scandals or friend of criminals.

Moreover, on the day that the hearing was held in IQC, Vjollca and Ben Blushi, came out to protest in front of the Vetting building, employees of Top Channel and the spectators who participate in the shows of this television. Masked as civil society, in Top Channel news, the staff meeting was reported as a protest against Judge Shkëlzen Selimi.

The organizer and instigator of the protest was Ervin Zeneli, the nephew of the owner of Top Channel, Vjollca Hoxha. The use of public space for the private purposes of Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi reaches its peak when the attacks resume even after his dismissal.

In the show ?Top Story? of March 30, 2021, former judge Selimi was again described as a ?friend of criminals?. They were attacked for property, and what they have declared to HIDAACI. Following the dismissal of Judge Selimi, the Hoxha-Blushi duo oppose the confirmation in office of his wife, Judge Rilinda Selimi. But why do Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi attack former judge Selimi, even after he leaves the system?

The story has to do with the ownership of Top Channel. In 2007, the founder of Top Channel, Dritan Hoxha, signed a contract for the sale of 60 percent of the shares of the media company Albert Sino and Aurel Baçi in the amount of 315.2 million Lek.

After the death of the founder of Top Channel, this contract was contested by the widow Vjollca Hoxha and his heirs, claiming that it is invalid. The legal battle between the heirs of the Hoxha family, Albert Sino and Aurel Baçi, started in February 2016.

In May 2016, the Court of First Instance of the Tirana Judicial District ruled in favor of Sino and Baçi. Meanwhile, this decision was overturned in June 2017 by the Court of Appeals in Tirana. On May 25, 2018, the Appeals Chamber of the High Court would review in principle the treatment of the case for the ownership of Top Channel (Vjollca Hoxha & children vs. Aurel Baçi, Albert Sino).

The panel was composed of Judges Artan Broci, Shkëlzen Selimi and Medi Bici. Judge Medi Bici resigned earlier in the case under unclear circumstances. It was suspected that he may have been under pressure. On May 25, 2018, Judge Ardian Dvorani appeared at the hearing, while Vjollca Hoxha?s opponent in court, claims at that time that Dvorani tried to impose his presence at the hearing, as he was not elected as a member of the panel to replace Medi Bici.

The hearing was adjourned after Judge Shkëlzen Selimi asked for time to get acquainted with the acts of the file. While Dvorani appeared in the restaurant with Ben Blushi, thus casting doubt that they were bargaining for the ownership file. This is the story, while today the former judge Selimi, continues to be lynched and attacked by Top Channel.

Ben Blushi continued the lynching campaign with Judge Bevis Shehaj. The cause is a court decision that Shehaj has given in favor of the state, removing from Blushi’s hands a property that he had alienated with forged documents. It is about 6.000 m2 on the coast of Dhërmi, where Blushi had 50 percent of the ownership, and which has been returned to the state.

The same fate as Shkëlzen Selimi and Bevis Shehaj had the prosecutor of Tirana, Ervin Karanxha. In fact, Karanxha is just a ?backup card? that Blushi kept to use in the show in order to cover the conflict of interest he has with Selimi and Shehaj.

For this reason, he has treated the ?Ervin Karanxha case?, linking it to the current political situation. Judge of the Administrative Court Erarbër Madhi also fell prey to the attack. At first, they denounced him, then they removed the denunciation from the Top Channel website, together with the video of the show ?Fiks Fare?, where took place the publication. So Ben Blushi is using Top Channel as a ?pistol? to kill judges and prosecutors who oppose him./ CNA.al

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