Luli Basha’s campaign is “blown out”/ Revealed the manipulative scenario

31 Mars 2021, 18:43, English CNA
Luli Basha’s campaign is “blown out”/ Revealed the

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, is following the election campaign, endangering the lives of citizens. From city to city, as today in Korça, Basha appeared surrounded by cars and crowds of people.

Lulzim Basha says that this is a spotty reception of the militants which he cannot stop, while it is causing a health catastrophe in Covid time. This is because everything is predicted with scenarios and only spontaneity has nothing to do with it.

Everything is well organized down to the details. It is the structure of the Democratic Party, the one that informs the citizens about the meeting, the candidates for deputies organize them, while the electoral headquarters organize the cars with the supporters of the Democratic Party, to come out waiting for Luli Basha.

In another situation it would be more than normal for militants and sympathizers to come out, but in the current situation, where the Covid 19 pandemic has gripped the country, this is very dangerous. This behavior shows the irresponsibility of Basha, who on one hand says that I don?t call people, but they come out to wait for me, and on the other hand organizes them through local branches of the DP.

The people that come out to the streets to wait for Basha, are known by name and are all militants and supporters of the DP structures in the regions. So, it is not that Basha has spontaneous meetings with the citizens, and they come out excited to wait for Luli, but it is a pre-prepared scenario.

Lulzim Basha announces one day in advance the organizational structures, the candidates for deputies. The latter determine the place where they will the militants come out, and send them the material base, flags and posters, etc. So everything is planned.

So, Basha who appears in the media and says that people are waiting for him, and that he has nothing to do, is lying openly, as he informs the people himself. In fact, this is madness, because if Edi Rama and Monika Kryemadhi starting to act in the same way, then what will happen to Covid?s situation?

What does it mean that people are being vaccinated, and for a year now they are suffering not only from the economic situation, but also other costs that the pandemic has caused in their pockets. This behavior is a total irresponsibility of Basha, who as a candidate for Prime Minister, who intends to take power, doesn?t need to make a show like what is happening.

In fact, Lulzim Basha cannot win the elections alone, and without the SMI he will never be able to win. Although we will have to wait until April 25, when the boxes are opened, as Lulzim Basha usually announces the victory ahead of time, and when the boxes are opened it turns out that there is no vote inside.

Citizens should punish this irresponsibility of Basha with a vote, to give him a lesson that he cannot behave in this way, endangering the health of citizens. Lulzim Basha calls Edi Rama irresponsible for managing the pandemic. But is there anything more irresponsible than knowing this, and organizing crowds of people?/CNA.al

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