Gold theft, millions of euro transactions and suspicious properties / Ilir Meta on the verge of sinking

8 Prill 2021, 19:58, English CNA
Gold theft, millions of euro transactions and suspicious properties / Ilir Meta

The President of the Republic Ilir Meta and his wife Monika Kryemadhi, at the same time the chairwoman of the SMI, are suspected of covering up their unbridled luxury by producing conflicts and political clashes, in order to secure silence about the dubious scheme through which they have created wealth.

The president appears from one institution to another, fighting or inciting conflicts, to anticipate the loss of April 25, while his wife Monika Kryemadhi, goes from city to city, seeking the vote of citizens, to increase wealth and the luxury of her family.

Those who pretend to feel sorry for the poverty of Albanians, are the owners of dizzying wealth. And here we refer only to the assets declared by them, at the High Inspectorate

of Declaration of Assets. The Meta couple?s fortune goes into the billions Lek.

Without any business, only with their salaries, they have managed to create a pharaonic empire, much talked about, but not yet investigated by justice. Although it has often been reported in the media that Ilir Meta will be the first political entity to be investigated by the SPAK for his wealth of billions of Lek, or even for the disappearance of the gold of the State Treasury in Krraba.

Based on HIDAACI data, CNA.al has analyzed in detail the wealth of the Meta couple, whom we see every day complaining about poor Albania or Albania without opportunities. It is in this aspect that the question arise:How they made this fortune in such a poor country, competing with even the biggest businessmen of the country.

In 2003, Meta stated that together with his wife Monika Kryemadhi he was the owner of an apartment with a total area of 327 m2 worth 60.000 dollars according to an order contract dated 30.10.2002. According to him, he had taken a loan of 60.000 dollars.

In 2004 Meta declares that he owns 25 percent of a 2+1 apartment privatized by the state. In 2006, the Meta couple declared income in the amount of 300.000 euros from the sale of a villa in Golem, several times more than they had bought.

In 2007, the wife, Monika Kryemadhi, declared 100 per cent owner of 700 m2 in Tirana, bought for 5.000.000 Lek. A year later, he signed a venture contract on the purchased land, from which he benefited 35 per cent of the construction area.

In 2010, the Meta couple increased their wealth with a 200-square-meter apartment worth 400.000 euros. That same year, his wife Monika Kryemadhi, declared the real estate in Lalzi Bay in Durrës. It is about the much talked about villa with 11 toilets, where one was for the cat.

Kryemadhi is justified by saying that he has benefited from the exchange of 300 m2 of construction area in Tirana. It was written in the media, that a fabulous expense was made for this villa, where the furniture alone cost 400.000 euros.

In 2014, Kryemadhi is the owner of 13 residential apartments with a total area of 1444.8 m2, benefited from the entrepreneurship contract with the company Agi-Kons shpk. While in 2016, Kryemadhi, has sold real estate worth over half a million euros within the year, while the income has only two salaries, her and her husband.

There are many details that don?t matsh in this case, from the way of exchange, when they acquired the villa in Lalzi Bay and to other real estate. Earlier, Kryemadhi stated that the permit for the construction of the palace was given to her by Edi Rama, when he was the mayor of Tirana.

But how this palace was built, with what money, what agreement was made with the construction company, and what was exchanged for the property in Lalzi Bay, these should be investigated by SPAK.

Then there is the education of children, for which dizzying sums have been spent, while the income are always from only 2 salaries. The three children of the Meta couple have been educated in Great Britain. In 2017 the Meta family stated that they paid 140 thousand pounds for their education.

While in 2018 has been declared a bank account of about 12.000 pounds, again in school expenses. At this point, a role should be played by the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, which has all the mechanisms to uncover the manner and scheme of how the Meta spouses created their wealth.

Even the rebellion of the President of the Republic, shows that it is heading towards sinking and before the handcuffs are put on, it is undertaking and using every means at its disposal./CNA.al

Zhdukja e floririt, transaksionet miliona euro dhe patundshmëri të dyshimta/ Ilir Meta drejt fundosjes


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