They are shouting ”Wolf, wolf!”, when the jackal is wreaking havoc/ Who is buying the votes?

18 Prill 2021, 17:08, English CNA
They are shouting ”Wolf, wolf!”, when the jackal is wreaking havoc/

Last week the Democratic Party and the SMI have started making strong accusations regarding vote buying. Day by day, the noise on this issue is getting even louder. US Ambassador to Tirana ,Yuri Kim, has also expressed concern about this issue.

So far, everything is developing in 2 aspects:that of an alibi in case of losing the elections by the opposition, and the reaction of the international factor that requires Albanians to be dignified when casting their vote.

But although it is making a lot of noise on this issue, the opposition hasn?t made public any concrete name or fact about the sale and purchase of the vote. Everything is based on words and noise, with no evidence or name involved.

The only case uncovered are 2 SMI exponents in Puka, for whom Monika Kryemadhi and her husband made the excuse, that they were teaching voters how to vote on April 25th. The DP did not bring any evidence, but only sued many officials in the SPAK.

The SMI has done the same, but they are part of the scenario to justify a possible loss. The only fact remains the capture of two SMI militants. There are others that the media still don?t report, as dozens of portals or television stations are close to the opposition.

Still, zero denunciations for vote buying, with concrete facts and evidence. So far there are only shouts ?Wolf, wolf!?, when it is clear that the jackal on the other hand is wreaking havoc. Although many are saying that he is behaving like a ?fugitive from a psychiatric hospital?, the President of the Republic, Meta, is the most spectacular case of a hungry jackal.

People near him buy votes in Korça, Fier, Elbasan and elsewhere. He himself meets incriminated people who are subject to Operation Force of Law, as evidenced by photos. Elements of the underworld seem to have found refuge near Meta, who is in fact the jackal who is wreaking havoc, and now seems mentally exterminated.

Because for him it is difficult to carry out in full scale the operation ?Buy votes?. And this not because of the state police, but because of the strict monitoring by the foreign diplomats. That is why Ilir Meta shouts ?Wolf, wolf!?, because he himself is the jackal, who set up a political party, and became President of the Republic and Speaker of Parliament only through vote buying./CNA.al

Ujku, ujku, çakalli po bën kërdinë/ Kush po ble votat?

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