The presidency in the service of the SMI/ Ilir Meta “goes mad”, abandon the institution

12 Prill 2021, 15:58, English CNA

For several days the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, has been moving the Presidency in the South, from Vlora to Pogradec, in the service of the Socialist Movement for Integration. The successive departures of SMI members towards the Socialist Party in these areas, don?t seem to be the only reason why Meta has left the institution and Tirana.

He stayed for a long time in Vlora and on the southern shores, as he was the organizer and screenwriter of two incidents in Tirana. In one of them he was even involved in clashes with police at the New Democratic Spirit offices. And in the other with AlbControl controllers, who, on his orders, allegedly took hostage the national airport.

Tensed and full of nervousness on his face, Meta made today a statement to the media from Pogradec, repeating the previous statements and surprising people with what he said. In the role of President, Meta said that he asked the SPAK to quickly investigate the misuse and theft of personal data of citizens by the Socialist Party.

But behaving once as President of the Republic and other times as chairman of the SMI,

Meta doesn?t seem to have been informed by his people, that SPAK has already started investigations on this issue, and that the media today have reported on him throughout the morning.

?It is an unacceptable and dirty violation of any norm and any morality, to place the personal data of all citizens of Albania in the function of a political force. Now begins the time that the government that will come to power in the country, will be afraid of the people. No one will be able to violate the rights and freedoms of Albanians?- said Meta.

His confusing statements show that his appearance in the media is a message to say, that ?I still exist?, but they have nothing to do with anything that affects citizens. All the signs show that Meta may be on duty to prepare for the next conflict, and then come out and justify himself by saying that he was not in Tirana, but in Vlora.

On this eve of elections, nothing is accidental with Ilir Meta. But we can be sure of one thing: The presidency has fallen, and Albania is already without a President of the Republic, as the latter has chosen to be chairman of the SMI, abandoning the institution where he was elected./CNA.al

Presidenca në shërbim të LSI/ ?Çmendet? Meta, braktis institucionin


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