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From audio-tapping to the services to Ben Blushi/ Facts that SPAK has to investigate about Artan Lame

21 Prill 2021, 16:50, English CNA
From audio-tapping to the services to Ben Blushi/ Facts that SPAK has to

Yesterday the investigative journalist, Artan Hoxha, published an audio-tapping, where it heard how the director of the Cadastre, Artan Lame, instructed his subordinates regarding the legalization process.

Lame was clearly heard telling his subordinates that out of 170.000 legalization files, only 60.000 of them will be accepted, while for over 100.000 others, the situation should be kept in suspense. But Artan Lame scandals extend beyond this audio-tapping.

He is suspected of being involved in many scandals, even in cases where there have been property conflicts. In the media, politics and beyond, there has been talk of denunciations, facts and concrete names, how and to whom Artan Lame served, using the Cadastre institution.

Lame allegedly put the state institution, in the service of the former director of LIBRA, today, the General Director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi. Earlier, CNA.al published a complete investigative file regarding Ben Blush?s dizzying wealth, and how millions were added to his bank accounts, with the coming to power of the Renaissance.

Alarm bells have long been ringing for the justice system. But now is the time for the latter to react, as the facts are not lacking. The Prosecution, SPAK must return the institutions to the citizens, removing them from the hands of those who have taken them hostage, and that are abusing them for narrow personal and clan interests.

Scandals involving Artan Lame

It is about 3 or 4 cases of property conflicts, reported in the media, where it is suspected that it was used directly by Ben Blushi Cadastre and ALUIZNI. About a year ago, CNA.al reported on the legalization of a property in Dardha of Korça in the tourist area with about 2.000 square meters of land.

Ben Blushi appears in a video clashing with his neighbors and fellow villagers, over a plot of land which he has legalized and then obtained a building permit. It all happened at a time, when the law could give you legalization for no more than 500 square meters.

While Ben Blushi had been able to register in the mortgage a land area of almost 2.000 square meters, which he had legalized through the Cadastre. The second case is that of Dhërmi, which was shed light on after the denunciation by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

It is about an area of about 5800 square meters of land in Dhërmi, alienated state property, which is registered in other names, and then in the name of Ben Blushi, through an illegal scheme where the Cadastre is used again.

The third case concerns a property in Morava of Korça, worth millions of euros, an investment made by businessman Arben Reli, where the Cadastre was used again in favor of one party with a direct intervention. These cases raise charges against Artan Lame and the Albanian Cadastre in connection with the misuse of this institution, in at least three cases in favor of the director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi.

In addition to the audio-tapping, published the day before, there are at least three other cases where Lame is suspected of being put in the service of Ben Blushi, abusing state institutions, and to date justice system hasn?t reacted./CNA.al

Nga audio-përgjimi tek vënia në shërbim të Ben Blushit/ Faktet, që SPAK ka për të hetuar Artan Lamen

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