Lulzim Basha as Erion Veliaj/ From Griselda to another event in Kavaja

20 Prill 2021, 12:47, English CNA
Lulzim Basha as Erion Veliaj/ From Griselda to another event in Kavaja

On June 1, 2011, it was reported that the wife of the newly elected mayor of Kavaja, Ervis Roshi, had been abducted. ?7 hours of horror of Griselda Zaimi?, reported the media, as she claimed that on May 31, 2011, around 19:00 she was abducted by several people in a car with black windows, who after beating had taken her to a place where she had given birth to his child, who had then been abducted.

At that time, the member of the SP Assembly, Erion Veliaj, publicly denounced the case, sending a letter to ambassadors. Veliaj describes the event with political notes and mentioning the threat during the campaigns for the SP candidate in Kavaja.

The leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama, also went to Kavaja. There was a lot of noise about that event, were made accusations that Sali Berisha?s militants had kidnapped Elvis Roshi?s wife. But in the end it turned out that everything had been a deception of Griselda. Meanwhile, the night before, occurred a serious incident, when a militant was wounded in the DP office elections. No one expected the oficial version by the police.

But, starting from the candidate for deputy Grida Duma who was in Kavaja and then from the leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha and the president Ilir Meta, accusations are made against the other political camp.

But, a few hours later it turned out that the author of the event, Ndriçim Jonuzi, was a DP sympathizer. Even in the 2015 campaign he had hosted Lulzim Basha at his bar in Kavaja. They could have been more cautious than in the case of Griselda, instead of trying to tense the situation, aiming to disrupt the elections both with threats made by Ilir Meta from Vlora and with statements that he will resign on April 26 after losing against Edi Rama.


And for this they are using conflicts and incidents that have nothing to do with the election campaign, but that are completely personal, between different persons. Basha and DP are selling these events as if they are being caused by the Socialist Party.

Ilir Meta would be really concerned about the fairness of the elections, together with Lulzim Basha, they would not have reacted as in the case of Griselda and Erion Veliaj. If they really want free elections, why didn’t they both go to Puka, where the SMI commissioner was arrested who was caught buying votes?

Any kind of scenario that has the opposition for the election, the whole scheme used yesterday is a scheme like Griselda case, and has been previously consumed by Erion Veliaj. They are too late to copy Erion Veliaj, even when they copy it, they do it wrong./CNA.al

Lulzim Basha si Veliaj/ Nga Griselda tek ngjarja e radhës në Kavajë

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