From Theater to business /Luli Basha’s lies with the deals

19 Prill 2021, 13:00, English CNA
From Theater to business /Luli Basha’s lies with the deals

Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha has turned lying and cheating into a profession. Even during the current election campaign, he is continuing the game of the National Theater by signing agreements and contracts with various interest groups.

Between deep sleep and the big dream of becoming Prime Minister, Basha is inventing every day a new deal. But before we move on to the agreements that Basha has signed in recent
days, we are recalling what happened to the agreements signed by him earlier.

Lest start with the National Theater, when Luli Basha came out and boasted, saying:?The Theater will collapse only if they pass over our bodies?. He signed an agreement with the artists, that he would do everything to prevent the demolition of the building as long as he was in opposition, and that he would declare it a cultural monument the first month he would come to head the government.

The agreement stated that the Democratic Party and the United Opposition, would commit to repeal the special unconstitutional law ?Rama-Fusha? that demolished the Theater, and that would bring to justice any person involved in the criminal robbery of the National Theater. But the Theater collapsed without passing over Basha?s body, and the night the building collapsed, he betrayed the artists, abandoning them in the middle of the street. So he lied to them and abandoned them, leaving them between the police and the Construction Inspectorate diggers.

Basha did the same thing with the inhabitants of the Astir area. He signed an agreement while they were protesting, and then abandoned them at the mercy of fate. Although he had promised that he would be near them, the Democratic leader wasn?t present on the morning of November 12, 2019, and was not on the side of the residents of Astir, although it was announced that the action for the demolition of their homes.

The inhabitants of Astir too, were lied to and deceived by Basha, as were the artists who were resisting at the National Theater building. But, even after his lies and deceptions have been exposed, Lulzim Basha is continuing with others the game he played with artists and the inhabitants of Astir.

He has recently signed agreements with the small business and the Fason Association. He promised them that under his government, the fason business would recover, thanks to a profound fiscal reform. ?The flat tax of 9 percent, the social contributions of 18 percent, the abolition of the ?Rama? tax of 240 Lek on fuel, are part of the package that will affect the entire Albanian economy and especially you. The agreement defines clearly the instruments that we have negotiated together and that will bring change for this industry and for your employees?- said Basha after signing the contract.

Basha has also signed such an agreement with the Association of Persons with Disabilities. He said that this agreement was the product of a dialogue and negotiations of 2 years, which concertizes the commitments and commitments of the future government to thousands of people with disabilities and their families in Albania.

It is not known what agreement Basha will invent in the coming days. But one thing is certain:they are all lies and deceptions. The only real agreement signed by Basha seems to be that of May 17, 2017, from which benefited only Basha and his family./CNA.al

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