The analysis/ 17 facts why Lulzim Basha lost

29 Prill 2021, 17:09, English CNA
The analysis/ 17 facts why Lulzim Basha lost

The Democratic Party registered only 4 days ago an electoral catastrophe, where the result clearly seemed to be to its disadvantage. In his last appearance before the media, Lulzim Basha didn?t declare his resignation. He was careful in his articulation. Basha didn?t say that he recognize or not the elections. Let?s see what are the factors that led to the loss of Lulzim Basha, ie real reasons and not justifications.

Delayed campaign

Basha started very late his electoral campaign. The result increase, and the campaign can be called positive. But last week it had a decline and some incidents that affected the final result.

Campaign personalization

Basha claimed that all the achievements of Albania in these 30 years were his merits, the abolition of visas with the EU, NATO membership, etc. This approach was an erasure of the entire contribution of the DP in the governance of the country.

The incidents

The DP set up several paramilitary ?structures?, which hoped to prevent vote-buying. But instead of being well-organized groups of citizens, these groups consisted of armed elements that caused a tragic event in Elbasan with 1 killed and 4 injured, costing the DP thousands of votes.

Xhelal Mziu

After the event in Elbasan, the candidate of Dibra region Xhelal Mziu said that everyone else who dare to buy votes, would have the fate of the victim Pjerin Xhuvani in Elbasan. This statement shocked the public again within 48 hours, which caused another blow to the DP a few hours before the vote, especially in the south of the country.

Delayed announcement of candidates for MPs

Frustrated by other parties in the race, such as Topalli and Patozi, Lulzim Basha decided to take the lists to the CEC at the last minute, to not allow many of the dissatisfied names to compete in other parties, which could jeopardize his votes. This led to a delay in organizing the campaign.

The changing of the list of candidates

Earlier, Lulzim Basha had promised them a lot of people that they would be on the candidate lists. But then he didn?t include them at all, or positioned them too below in the list. Such is the case of Piro Ahmetaj in Vlora or Andrea Mano in Korça. Such behavior discouraged PD supporters.

Delegates or candidates who were changed

In some regions, delegates were often changed, such as in Korça, Tirana, Vlora and Shkodra. There were many other areas, where it was not yet known who was the delegate. This caused clashes in the local branches.

The madness of Ilir Meta

Without any discussion one cause of defeat, is President of the Republic Ilir Meta, with his rampant language almost to madness. Democrats refused to talk about Ilir Meta, because when they saw him on the TV, he seemed like a mad man who didn?t know what he was talking about.

Clashes between candidates

Placing many well-known candidates in non-winning positions, brought conflicts between the candidates. Most of them couldn?t break the list, except Luciano Boci.

The disruption of DP structures

Many of the old names that have been DP contributors, have been ousted or insulted in recent years. They were called to the campaign, but it was too late. Another disruption was that of the electoral staff of the DP candidates, where in some cases there was violence.

The separation of DP

There are tens of thousands of votes lost by the allies that the DP had once. For example, National Front received about 2.000 votes at the national level, or New Movement about 4.000 votes. Excluding new parties such as the Democratic Conviction with 8.238 votes, the Albanian Democratic Movement with 4697 votes of Myslim Murrizi, and about 7.000 votes of Jozefina Topalli and the Movement for Change. So over 20.000 votes that could produce almost 2 more mandates.

He didn?t listen to warnings and criticism

Basha entered the campaign as a braggart, not listening to the warnings and criticisms that had been made to him since 2015. He went ahead with the theory of the party?s enemies, blaming them for everything he had done wrong. These actions provoked a lot of dissatisfaction in the DP base.

Candidates disqualification commission

The Nishani-Ruli Commission, aimed to disqualify the names of the candidates on the basis of some principles that they appointed themselves. The commissioners analyzed 4.000 candidacies, without knowing at all the influence of each of them in each constituency. The commission excluded names such as Luan Baçi, Ervin Salianji or Tritan Shehu, whom Lulzim Basha placed again in the list.

Confrontation of candidates with the vote against

The vote within the DP to disqualify the candidates, propagated by Basha as a formula of well-known conservative parties in the West, sparked an internal conflict within the party. In many cases the process was manipulated, in order to select the candidates that wanted Basha and not the DP membership.

Re-election of Basha at the head of the Democratic Party and the farce of 2017

The elections for the leader of the Democratic Party in 2017, couldn?t unite the Democratic Party. They left DP divided, and this effect continued in this year?s election. The appointments in some DP branches of some unsupported political figures, distanced many Democrats.

The burning of the mandates of the deputies

That action taken in February 2019, brought a great cost to the DP. It also caused non-competition in local elections, putting the DP in conflict with the international factor.

Boycott of local elections

That act brought many losses in the 2021 elections, as the opposition handed over at least 14 municipalities it administered. The case of the Municipality of Devoll, where the DP had an advantage of about 3.000 votes when it administered the local government, and now only about 200 votes, is very significant.

So for all these facts, the cause of the loss has a name:Lulzim Basha! Whether he resigns from the leadership of the Democratic Party, this is a responsibility that can bring many consequences for the future of the Democratic Party, even questioning its existence.

If the DP will make such an analysis by listing the above factors or even others, correcting everything done wrong, then there will be a glimmer of hope that it will be re-raised.

But if he goes ?forward? holding Lulzim Basha at the helm, and behaving as if nothing happened, there will never be light at the end of the dark tunnel where Lulzim Basha introduced the Democratic Party./By Elvi Fundo- CNA.al

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