Basha and crime want power/ They don’t even spare the blood of Albanians

23 Prill 2021, 13:16, English CNA
Basha and crime want power/ They don’t even spare the blood of Albanians

Following the election campaign, the candidate of the Democratic Party for the region of Dibra, Xhelal Mziu, has made a shocking statement. During a meeting with citizens, Mziu says that the DP has set up its own groups to protect the vote.

Without flinching at all, Mziu says that anyone who tries to touch the vote, will have the same fate as Pjerin Xhuvani in Elbasan. This attitude shows that for Lulzim Basha and his candidates, the blood of citizens a few days before the elections wasn?t enough.

The murder that happened in Elbasan has no justification. It is an irresponsible criminal act, for which Gazmend Bardhi and Lulzim Basha are not accountable. Meanwhile, Xhelal Mziu comes out openly and declares that they are ready to kill other citizens from south to north, just to take power.

Xhelal Mziu?s video is an incitement to political terror for some votes. Xhelal from Kamza, accused of being a thief from justice, comes out publicly and warns that other citizens will be killed.

Basha and his people are thirsty for power, and now they come out openly and incite violence, terror, murder just to take power. The lives of the citizens are no longer important for them. The most important thing is that Basha takes the chair of the Prime Minister, even by shedding the blood of Albanians./ CNA.al

Basha dhe krimi duan pushtet/ Nuk kursejnë as gjakun e shqiptarëve

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