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Lulzim Basha is a serial loser/Justified for the next failure

26 Prill 2021, 16:35, English CNA
Lulzim Basha is a serial loser/Justified for the next failure

Lulzim Basha appeared today before the media, declaring that the victory for change is clear, and that the Democratic Party and the opposition have won. In fact, of all the words he said, only one thing is true: Yes, the DP has an increase compared to the 2017 elections, but it is not a winner, but a loser in the April 25 elections.

Basha doesn?t have the courage to accept the defeat, as he had previously declared victory, and it seems clearly that he has chosen the same strategy of 2017, when he tired the Democrats with the famous ?Tent?, to betray them by entering an alliance with Edi Rama, then splitting the DP and being forcibly re-elected at its helm.

Today, Lulzim Basha is showing once again that he is a serial loser, but that he doesn?t accept the truth in the eyes of the Democrats, to whom he has given a severe bill with his actions and inaction, since the burning of the mandates of the deputies, the boycott of the local elections, the voting against the candidates who would be elected for deputies, until the bargains for compiling the lists of candidates for deputies, where there were also accusations for their sale, the same as in 2017.

However, the vote count is showing that Lulzim Basha lost the election. He is trying to justify that so far that the ballot boxes have been opened where mainly pro-government people vote. But neither the open boxes in Korça, are the ones that support the government. The same is true in the open boxes in Tirana or Shkodra, Lezha and Dibra, those in Vlora and Fier, Berat and Durres and everywhere else.

The DP has an increase and that is obvious. But a party chairman is not running to boost the party from past elections, but to win them. Today Democrats feel disappointed, lost, abandoned on the streets after Lulzim Basha with his strategies has failed and lost.

Basha says he has won. He may have won a few more votes than in 2017, or even more seats than in 2017, but those are the votes that left from DP in 2013 and in 2017. Lulzim Basha was the party chairman for 8 years, and he had to work to win the elections and not lose them.

Basha should have become Prime Minister. He is neither Prime Minister, nor won the elections. He is a serial loser since the elections of 2015, 2017, 2019 and today in 2021. He has recorded losses and only losses, not to mention other electoral consequences that are bringing a significant shrinkage of DP.

And if Lulzim Basha doesn?t accept the loss and not resign, this would be a public mockery and insult to the Democrats for several times in a row. Should Democrats still accept the mockery of the man who led them from loss to loss? It is time to react today because tomorrow will be late. The fact that the existence of the Democratic Party is endangered for Lulzim Basha?s chair cannot be tolerated./CNA.al

Basha një humbës serial/ Justifikohet për dështimin e rradhës

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