Editorial / Ilir Meta is a coward and a charlatan, he should have resigned

28 Prill 2021, 15:15, English CNA
Editorial / Ilir Meta is a coward and a charlatan, he should have resigned


The parliamentary elections of April 25 were mostly polarized by one name, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta. On Sunday, he, his wife were voted and got a response from Albanians citizen as they deserved. Only 4 mandates of deputies, forcing them to return in their origin.

In fact, the biggest loser in this election is Ilir Meta and not Lulzim Basha. The latter has tried to increase his party, but couldn?t go further than the result of 2013. The big loser is Ilir Meta, as he is also the cause of the loss of Lulzim Basha.

His political behavior, his articulation in public, his madness of the last 2 weeks showed that the most negative man in Albanian politics, had begun to degrade to an unprecedented and unheard level. Ilir Meta did everything.

He went to Vlora, Durres and Korça. He met with criminals, with people who are subjects of Operation Force of Law, bought votes where possible, from Shkodra to Vlora. But the Albanians showed by voting that they were against him.

What happened and why Albanians voted against him. They wanted this man to leave the presidency, as he himself had stated that if Edi Rama won the election he would resign. And Edi Rama won convincingly. He has 140.000 more votes than the Democratic Party, and 50.000 more votes than the DP-SMI coalition.

Even in invalid votes, SP has many votes there as SMI and DP, maybe even more. But Ilir Meta didn?t have the courage to resign. Everyone saw him as a man, but in fact he is a coward that Albanians consider a plague of this country, which should have been removed from presidency.

They voted to give him the answer he deserved. But again he didn?t leave. Today stated that he would to remain in office until the end of his term on July 22, 2022. Maybe Edi Rama can keep him as President of the Republic, as he doesn?t care at all what Meta does where he is, but Albanians have voted for him to leave this post.

And this was clearly shown in the elections of April 25, but he wants to stay in the presidency until on July 22, 2022, and then go and get the ticket of SMI, the party of fines and theft. Ilir Meta is not a man as most Albanians hoped, but a charlatan and a political clown, a thief, a political corpse that no one needs anymore.

He should have resigned, at least not to force Albanians to say to him the last word. The time has come to shout him:?Go away, the Albanians have shown where is your place!?. But, you, as a political corpse, continue to stink the country by holding the post of President of the Republic./CNA.al

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