Lulzim Basha led the DP from loss to loss/ He made everyone laughs with his “war”

2 Maj 2021, 14:51, English CNA
Lulzim Basha led the DP from loss to loss/ He made everyone laughs with his

The Democratic Party, the largest opposition force, lost the April 25 parliamentary elections. DP managed to get only 59 seats, leading in the regions of Shkodra, Lezha, Dibra and Kukes. On election day, DP leader Lulzim Basha praised the process.

A day later, when the counting started to show that the winner was Socialist Party, he said in a statement to the media: Wait, the boxes where we are in the majority have not been counted yet!? But on Tuesday, April 27, when the count was coming to an end and the figures showed that the DP lost, Lulzim Basha appeared in front of the party headquarters, and said that the battle had just begun, adding that it would even start a war.

Everyone was waiting for him to resign from the leadership of the Democratic Party, and to take responsibility for the defeat, as would happen in a democratic country, and with a normal party leader. But, Basha spoke about war and the battle, when he had just received the answer in an electoral battle, that of the Albanian citizens.

Only Basha knew whom he would fight against. On the other hand, Basha?s ?war? had a positive aspect:all those who heard him laughed a lot. ?We became stronger. We are more determined than ever. Anyone who thinks we will surrender, doesn?t know us well! We will continue the battle with all our might. We will continue to fight with everything we have for the democracy. We will continue to fight until victory?- declared Basha while he had already lost.

He had disappointed Democrats and all those who believed in him, while declaring ?We will never disappoint you. We will fight for you!?. So Basha became in those few minutes the man with whom made fund everyone, from the TV studios to the streets and cafes.

Meanwhile, from within the DP, there were reactions and voices demanding his removal. The reactions continue even now, by listing Basha?s losses at the head of the DP, without ignoring the destruction of this political force. But how did he lead the DP from loss to loss?

In the 2013 elections, the DP received 528.373 votes, which produced 50 seats. Due to this result, Sali Berisha resigned from the leadership of the Democratic Party and took responsibility for the loss. But, Basha seems to have taken care that after that loss, the DP wouldn?t come anymore to power.

In the 2017 elections, the DP received at least 74.000 votes or 14 percent less than in 2013. So the DP lost 7 seats in the Assembly. DP suffered blows in all regions, in 2017 and led only in Shkodra and Kukës, with 1 deputy each more than the Socialist Party.

While it was ranked as the third force in the district of Berat, a draw with the SMI in Gjirokastra, and again a draw with the Socialist Party in Dibër and Lezha. In this year?s parliamentary elections, the DP entered the race after he had burned the mandates in 2019, leaving without representation those who had voted for it.

And as if that were not enough, he also donated local government to the table. But even though he is the loser of these elections, Basha says that he will still continue the battles and the war. Today, the DP has 59 seats in the Assembly, and has to face a solid new government, with a single helmsman, Edi Rama, who seems to be guaranteed his power as long as Basha is in charge of the DP./CNA.al

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