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Note/Meta-Basha were humiliated in front of the Albanians

30 Prill 2021, 16:38, English CNA
Note/Meta-Basha were humiliated in front of the Albanians

In a democracy there is a principle: whoever loses the election, resigns and leaves. But in Albania they have already set a standard, not to leave after ruling for 8 years, or after losing for the second time. For the first time in 30 years of democracy, it happened that SP and Edi Rama won for the third time, while Lulzim Basha lost.

So far there is nothing to be surprised about, as this was the will of the citizens. But, the surprise happened later, when Lulzim Basha appeared after the loss as if nothing had happened. His statement in front of the media shocked everyone, not only the Albanian public but also the international factor.

This is because everyone expected Lulzim Basha to show the image of a European leader. After all, he had publicly stated that he would limit the term of the Prime Minister to 2 four-year terms. So there would not be a Prime Minister who could be elected for a third term, but only with two terms.

Meanwhile, he himself did not resign, even though the Albanians expected Lulzim Basha to be European, to call the winner and wish him victory, to resign and perhaps to lead a process of unification in the Democratic Party. Instead, he went out as if nothing had happened.

He stated that he would start a war with the government. But what did Luli Basha in 8 years? On the other hand, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, said before the elections that if Edi Rama gets 71 seats, he would resign. But Meta not only ate the ?shame with bread?, but also drank a glass of wine at the end, because he started joking and playing games.

So both Ilir Meta and Lulzim Basha were humiliated in the eyes of Albanians. Both should have resigned, not to leave power to Edi Rama, but to show that indeed Basha was a politician with a western profile, and that Ilir Meta was a statesman who keeps his word.

Why Meta didn?t take the lead of the opposition himself, or because the SMI completely collapsed in this election? Why Lulzim Basha didn?t resign from the post of DP leader, to create another political profile, with a standard of a politician who takes responsibility and leaves after the loss, and then to take the lead of a new project, with a clear vision?

Both Meta and Basha did not resign from their posts. It seems that the Albanians will vote against both, not because they love Edi Rama very much. But the great hatred they have towards Meta and Basha, as well as the anger towards them, is greater than the damage done to them by Edi Rama.

This is because Ilir Meta has been paid by Albanian taxes for 30 years, he has served in every high position, and is known as a symbol of theft. While Lulzim Basha is known as a clown placed at the head of the DP by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The two together are not only being publicly humiliated, but also want to make fun of Albanians, who systematically vote against them. But as long as they stay where they are, they will be humiliated and Albanians will systematically vote against them./CNA.al

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